Sunday, October 15, 2006

visiting the Bragdons

Isaac with his Uncle David.

Ellen and Baby. Maybe this isn't the best picture to show off the belly, but at 25 weeks, she's really popping out. Due date: January 25. Ellen and David have heroically hosted me this whole weekend. Ellen drove me to Richmond and back for the wedding, put up with fussy babies, and been my on-call babysitter. They have treated me fabulously.

the Stolldorf women

Mom, Allie, Isaac, and me.

Allie and Isaac

One fabulous bonus of flying to VA for Heather's wedding....getting to see Mom, Dad, and Allie. It's been awhile, and was so good to connect with them.

and up next we have...

It was an honor to be in this beautiful lady's wedding. Heather and I have been friends for... 17 years.

My dear friend, Heather, married Daniel (who I knew from homeschool coop days, oddly enough) this weekend. See how happy they look?


Isaac got to meet Granny and Merle for the first time. Granny was very excited to meet her first great-grandbaby. Isaac was quite the charmer.

smoky the bear says....

The Darlings, Patenaudes, Wetzles, and us, hiking around at an old quarry near our campsite. It was our first camping trip with a baby. Dirty, but very fun!

movin to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Isaac, after eating a WHOLE CAN of peaches in one sitting (I kid you not)...and yes, the thought of the teen years sends me quaking in my boots.

happily ever after

our dear friends, svetlana and elijah, on their big day--September 16th, 2006. Yay for true love!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

state fair fun

The state fair is such fun. We get in free because Vance volunteers at the U of M horticulture booth. One of our favorite places is the Miracle of Birth barn, where you get to see all kinds of mamas and babies in various stages of labor, delivery, and newbornhood. Isaac is checking out the baby piglets with Vance.

family heirloom

This is actually my brother's old outfit. It's hard to imagine AJ, my 6'7" brother, in this cute little outfit!

this is my child eating peas...what a wonderful mess!