Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday, December 30, 2007

more pictures from the honeymooners...

my cutie pie
...and we do still have a son :) Zack got a roaring, stomping, ugly-as-sin dinosaur from his mischevious Papa. He loves it. Thanks, Dad.

Whoa, Papa, you are so cool!

The new, improved Whitakers...hopefully some better family pictures to come

I know Dad did this a lot with me when I was a baby--it was fun to see it in person.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

She's Here!

Claire Cheryl Whitaker
born on
December 26, 2007
7 lbs. 9 oz.
20.25" long
Our little girl has arrived!

I woke up at 3am on Wednesday morning feeling pretty consistent contractions. Hmm, interesting, I thought. Since I was induced with Isaac, I had never gone into labor on my own, and figured it was probably just a false alarm. But 4am came, and then 5am... I wasn't sleeping, and the contractions weren't stopping. I started to panic. I had childcare set up for every day up to week 42...starting on the 27th. Perfect timing, I thought, as I lay awake trying to figure it all out and time my contractions.

Vance talked me down out of my tree when he woke up at 6:30, reminded me that everything would be all right, and rubbed my back to help me fall asleep until 8. Wonderful man, my husband. But at 8 the contractions were still going, and now only 3 minutes apart. I decided to go to my doctor's appointment at 9:15 and see what they would say.

My midwife checked me, said I was dialated 4 cm. "Have you leaked any amniotic fluid?" she asked as she was doing my exam. "No," I said. Then whoosh, my water broke. "Mmm, that's not supposed to happen," said Deb, looking a little sheepish. She told me to get Vance over here. I told her I had the car, asked if I could go back and get him. She told me in no uncertain terms that I was staying, and that I better not sound too calm on the phone, because Vance needed to get over to the hospital right away. I checked in around 9:30.

God provided childcare mercifully, and Vance got over to the hospital in record time. My labor was so much better than when I was induced with Isaac. We walked and walked and walked. By 11 my contractions started to require some focus to work through, by 12:30 I was dialated to 6-7cm, and by 1:50 I was complete. By 2:10 our sweet girl had arrived!

So far, she's been an easy baby (I know, I know, she's only a day old, it could all change). She loves to be touched, she hardly cries, and she meows like a kitten instead of hollering like a banshee when she's hungry. She's got Vance wrapped around her little finger, and we're so glad to have her here!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We went to get our tree in the middle of a snowfall, which was very picturesque, and very fitting for Our First Family Tree. This is the winner, which fulfilled the qualifications of being a) small, b) skinny, c) symmetrical, and d) cheap. I was amazed how easy it was to find one to fit our list!
Isaac had so much fun running around, looking at the trees, and climbing up and down the steps.

Zack was having so much fun after getting the tree that we let him stay up late to enjoy the snow. When we first got back from NC, I took him out to enjoy the snow. He flipped out. It was too strange, and my OCD son couldn't handle the snow on his mittens. This second attempt went better. I taught him how to clap the snow off his mittens. Oh Joy! Plus, there was the shovel, and the trees, and staying up late...he had a blast.

Thanksgiving Pictures

Sorry I don't have more pictures...the only other ones I have are of bathtime with the cousins...and they aren't G-rated :/. So you'll have to enjoy Isaac, Dad, and Vance spending a little time with Skipper.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanksgiving, Part Two

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted pictures.

We had a wonderful trip to NC to see the families, celebrate Thanksgiving, and put Isaac into Toddler Overdrive. It was so much fun! We took a direct flight (bless those!) because of my impending due date--about the worst thing I can imagine is going into preterm labor in the Chicago airport.

When we got to Vance's parents' house, Dad decided to take Isaac out to see the tractor. I thought that was pretty strange, because it was 11pm, but hey, grandads are grandads. Things got stranger when no one answered the door, and after repeated knockings and a doorbell ring, the door mysteriously popped open without a greeter on the other side. I was confused. Vance and I went into the kitchen: no one there. Then he said, "come sit on the couch with me," and I realized what was going on....

It was November 27th. The fourth anniversary of our engagement. And Vance had recreated it. There was a fire in the fireplace, a dozen of my favorite roses, and champagne (okay, sparkling, but still). We sat on the couch just like last time, and Vance proposed again, and I accepted again. So congratulate me! I'm engaged! And just as thrilled to say yes--actually, more thrilled because I know how wonderful married life is--as I was four years ago.

The next morning, Zack woke up in adrenaline mode. "Nana nana nana nana! Papa! Papa! Papa Fwank! Dog! Nice dog! Albert dog! Seth! Baby Seth! Nana! Nana! Nana!" etc, for most of the rest of the week. It was hilarious. He's not usually that excited to be alive, but then again our little 700 sq feet of heaven doesn't house grandparents, a cousin, an aunt, an uncle, a horse, a Big tractor, a toy tractor, and a dog.

We also went to Raleigh for a day to see my family and celebrate Dad's birthday. It was short, but sweet. Isaac took a shine to Uncle AJ right away (I think they look a lot alike and even share some weird traits, like their aversion to creamy things).

Sorry I don't have more pictures--I forgot to recharge my battery before we left! Right now blogger won't let me upload pics, so I'll post a couple later.

Our second Thanksgiving was wonderful, but I was also relieved to be back and within driving distance of the hospital. Of course, knowing my luck, baby girl will decide to hibernate until the bitter end....