Sunday, December 30, 2007

more pictures from the honeymooners...

my cutie pie
...and we do still have a son :) Zack got a roaring, stomping, ugly-as-sin dinosaur from his mischevious Papa. He loves it. Thanks, Dad.

Whoa, Papa, you are so cool!

The new, improved Whitakers...hopefully some better family pictures to come

I know Dad did this a lot with me when I was a baby--it was fun to see it in person.


Sarah Shingler said...

She is beautiful.. congrats you guys!!

Momma B. said...

She is so perfectly beautiful! I think she looks just like you Terri! May God bless her and grant her a heart that longs for her Master and Creator. May your family be blessed with a happiness that only comes from the Father and is indiscribable!