Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stolldorf Cousins!

My attempt at a cousinly photo...obviously the lighting wasn't great, but we took what we got. Melia is being the perfect little angel, Isaac is cheesing, and Claire is just being her goofball self.
Isn't she adorable?!

I always remember having so much fun going through the toys at my grandparents' houses; I guess it was the mystique of playing with my parents' childhood toys. It's fun to watch my kids enjoy a few of the things we played with growing up!
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family photos

We tried to get a few family photos done one morning ("tried" being operative). We did get a few! Here are my 3 favorite people in the world...
aren't they cute?
this was my favorite family photo failure: in response to, "Isaac, look at the camera!" :) Gotta love it!
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Yet more Thanksgiving...

the kids got some much needed R&R on the back porch while we prepared delicious victuals for their gastrointestinal enjoyment
Mamie (Claudia's mom) gets a few smiles out of Baby Evan
the kids are ready to dig in to some goodness

so is Vance, as a matter of fact!
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More Thanksgiving...

awww, cousins....aren't they the cutest?
Cousin Seth, enjoying the shared childhood passion: the Oliver tractor
out joyriding with Papa
all the Whitaker cousins!
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Home for Thanksgiving

We got to spend Thanksgiving in NC, and we had a rockin good time! We got lots of cute pictures with all the photo ops available....

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Lke.....


Well, it doesn't feel like Christmas yet, but at least we're enjoying what FL has to offer :)

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