Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fort De Soto Beach

Yes, it's hot, we miss Minnesota and North Carolina, and there's a lot of unfamiliar things to get used to here in Florida...but some of the new things turn out to be pretty awesome. Such as, for example, living an hour from the #1 rated beach in the U.S.
It was Claire's first visit to the beach! She warmed up to the sand and surf faster than I thought she would, considering how skittish she can be around water. She even played in the tide by herself for a while.
Isaac was back to his old games...chasing seagulls...

Yes, I think I could get used to this....
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Davy Crockettette

I don't know exactly what she was thinking...
But I'm pretty sure my daughter is no shrinking violet...
I think she's going to go catch me a bear, probably capturing it by making some impish faces.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

House Tour, Part the Second

Our room, complete with a (very small) walk in closet and a bathroom! The pile of boxes in this corner is all long-sleeved clothing, which I am not motivated to unpack in this sweltering heat. Have I mentioned that it is hot? It is. Very.
The kids' room, still awaiting a real bed for Isaac. I've delayed on getting a big bed until we have a big car to haul it around in, but as yet we are still getting by with one car. Claire is demonstrating the proper use of a bed.
We were going to give each kid their own room, but since they sleep so well together, it seemed a bit silly. They're sharing a room still, and it's just fine.
Having them share a room leaves the third bedroom open as the playroom/Vance's office/guest room/Isaac's nap room/multipurpose room. I can tell that Isaac really likes having a designated space for his stuff...the first day he kept retreating in that room to play by himself.

I'll post pictures of the boys mowing the yard soon--that's Isaac's current favority hobby--as well as Claire as Davy Crockett. Exciting times around here, let me tell you!
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House Tour August 2009

For your viewing pleasure, I finally pulled out the camera and took pictures of our new place. We're feeling pretty settled now, and I'm realizing that our little house is in a very good location. We've met a lot of our neighbors, and they seem pretty nice.

Bear in mind that we're probably buying a house in 6 months or so, which is why I haven't put a lot of effort into the decor. We are definitely in use-what-you-have mode. That said, I can't stand bare walls, so pictures were up very early in the unpacking process :). Trying to find the balance between making ourselves at home and not making too much work for ourselves in just a few months. Above is the view from the front door.
Note the box to the left of the bookcase. That one is labeled "Bunch O' Junk", and I've been avoiding the second half of its contents. Tonight is the night, though, I think...
The kitchen, which even has a little pantry! I am very glad to have a big oven, although I'm realizing that I need to take advantage of its size and bake in bulk--it seems silly to heat up that whole oven for just one loaf of bread. This kitchen makes me realize how much space I had in my old one, however...there's only a little more cupboard space here than at the old place. But I am enjoying all the counter space!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving in, moving on...

Well, we're here! The road that led to Florida had a few more twists and turns than anticipated, but we've made it :).

I tell you what, moving isn't for the faint of heart. I am currently repenting of all the times I have heard other people talk about the difficult transitions of moving and brushed them off, or thought they were just being whiny. After driving over night from NC to FL, cleaning all afternoon, moving all evening, staying up half the night with an unsettled little person, and crawling out of bed to stare at piles of boxes, I have a lot more compassion on the other people who have done this.

It is easy for me to think of all the headaches that moving out of state involves--especially all the paperwork--but we really do have a LOT to be grateful for. All our stuff got here. Even though we're pretty much complete strangers here, about 10 people from our new church came to help us move everything in (most of them I had never met, visualize, "Hi, I'm Terri, nice to meet can move that heavy stuff over there, thanks!"). To top it off, these wonderful people are also bringing us meals every night until Saturday! That's been a huge help. Other nice things: we're really enjoying having more space, we got a washer and dryer quickly and cheaply, and we seem to be navigating around just fine. Isaac has adjusted well, and the house is mostly unpacked after only 2 days.

It's just that nothing feels normal or settled yet, and there seems to be too much to do. It's definitely pushing both Vance and I to cling to God's promises, and to repent of many quick-tempered moments. As things begin to settle down, I'm feeling more excitement for the adventure, more curiosity about our surroundings, and more initiative to get to know people around here. So don't worry, we're not slogging through the mire of despair or anything--we're just trying to reach a semblance of order and sanity. We do miss you all, though!

I'll post pictures soon, I promise. And I guess we need a new name for the blog...any suggestions?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

last night in minneapolis

Six years ago, when Vance moved here, he didn't know anyone except his advisor. Five and a half years ago, I didn't know anyone except Vance and a couple people I had met from his church. I don't think I could have known then that I was heading into some of the most formative years of my life (so far :), nor could I have known just how precious so many of those new faces in my life would become.

But here we are, having come full circle: the moving van is packed, the house is cleaned and inspected (thanks to an army of help!), the bags are packed for the car tonight, and I am starting where I began--in Beth's house. It feels right to end here, just as I began, even though I can't quite get my mind around it all yet. Somehow it doesn't feel real, all this leaving. Mostly I'm just doing the next thing.

And although part of me wishes I could really just go ahead and feel all that the little knot in my stomach symbolizes, part of me is grateful for the reprieve. When I do start to think of all the life that we have lived here, and all the rich relationships that we are leaving behind, it is easy to start to feel a little fearful. I think that speaks to both the preciousness of the people we've loved here, but also my quickness to doubt that the God who has so abundantly provided for us could continue to do so somewhere else. So in some ways it is nice to just move on to the next to-do, because I have a feeling that by the time all the dust has settled, I will already see God at work being faithful to us. I think it's probably better this way.

Most of all, I think I'm glad that it's not really goodbye. We'll visit, we hope ALL our friends here in MN will visit, and even though it probably sounds hokey, I'm increasingly grateful for heaven, where there won't be goodbyes like this.

And so we're off, to the next adventure....