Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Guthrie

Last night Vance and I went on a splurge date to the Guthrie Theater. It was so much fun. We went to see 1776, the musical. We don't get to do expensive things like that too often so it was very special to get dressed up, drop Isaac off at Beth's, and walk into this oh-so-chic new building. The building was actually just as amazing to me as the play itself. You'll just have to come up and visit to get a tour. My favorite part was the "endless bridge"--a massive walkway cantilevered about 150 ft. or so out of the builidng, ending in a glass outdoor balcony that overlooks the Mississippi, the Stone Arch Bridge, and some falls. Tres romantique, let me tell you :).
The play was a lot of fun, too....Vance said it was the best musical he'd ever seen...but the best part was just getting some quality time together to enjoy something different and new. And Beth kept Isaac overnight, so we got to sleep in and have a leisurely morning together. We are some lucky people to have such a wonderful lady in our lives. It's easy to leave Isaac with someone who is thrilled to keep him!
I love this city.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

it's all fun and games...

My little boy is growing up. At 18 months he's now thinking about dropping his morning nap, throwing temper tantrums, and trying out new words in the cutest little voice ever. A couple of nights ago Vance looked at me over the dinner table as Isaac was pointing and smiling and babbling and stuffing his little face, and he said, "Do you think he can get any cuter than this?" I don't know...only time will tell.

After Isaac's latest love affairs with musical instruments, I decided to get him one of his own. Sometimes it can be hard to find a basic toy without fifteen thousand bells, whistles, lights, and annoying beeping sounds. But it wasn't that hard to find a xylophone/piano with 8 simple keys. Isaac's been enjoying it a lot, and I think he's glad to finally have a toy that makes noise! I enjoy it too, because it fosters my dreams of having musical children.

But you know, it's the weirdest things that capture his attention. He likes his $15 piano, sure, but show him this little bottle of wonders and his eyes light up. What could hold a stir-crazy toddler rapt with awe and amazement, you ask? A bottle of Martin Guitar Polish. He can play with it for minutes on end...and that's an accomplishment. I think he likes it because it has a clear plastic lid that he can pop on and off pretty easily. And right now, "on" and "off" are among the chiefest of delights.

"On?!? Offffff!"

Monday, July 16, 2007

can you guess?

...nightly runs to the bathroom at 3am...
...a very hungry stomach that gets queasy with the thought of food...
...popping the button off my jeans today (well, the button was loose :)... of all, strange flutterings in my tummy...
what do you think?
05 January 2008!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AJ's Wedding

Well, I'm sorry it's taken so long to post pictures. Somehow Isaac stashed the camera under the bed, so for a few days we couldn't find it. Not fun for us! But now I can update you on our doings. It was a whirlwind week in NC for us. We had a harrowing trip down with long layovers, delays, and an overly-tired-and-cranky child. I had a lot to do when I got home--organizing decorations for the rehearsal dinner, baking cakes for the dinner, trekking everything up to the restaurant, lots of phone calls, a bridesmaids' luncheon, learning music for the ceremony (which I had neglected to learn beforehand...oops), and taking care of the extended family coming into town. You can imagine why I don't have any pictures of anything before the wedding! Sorry about that, though. Once the wedding came, I was able to take a few breaths and document the event. It was a lovely wedding, and the reception was great too. After our difficult journey down, I wasn't sure how Isaac would do with so many babysitters and transitions, but he was a trooper. Here are the pictures:
Allie getting ready. With an 11am wedding, I was up at 6:30 for my hair appointment. Yay for beauty treatments :/

...and that's pretty much all the guys have to do to get ready. Not too bad!

Vance and I, getting a little time together before the festivities

Julie and some of her bridesmaids (there were 4 of us), as she gets her shoes put on

Dad, the ever photogenic Best Man

The man himself, sharing a little limelight with his favorite nephew

Getting a little lovin from Aunt Allie

Isaac with was a good move to bring Isaac to the second half of the reception. That way everyone got to adore him without him turning into a party-pooper.

Not the greatest picture, but Isaac was totally mesmerized by the band. The drummer even let him bang around a bit at the end of the set! He's going to be a natural :)

my beautiful sister with her friend Amy.

There they are...the happy couple!