Thursday, July 19, 2007

it's all fun and games...

My little boy is growing up. At 18 months he's now thinking about dropping his morning nap, throwing temper tantrums, and trying out new words in the cutest little voice ever. A couple of nights ago Vance looked at me over the dinner table as Isaac was pointing and smiling and babbling and stuffing his little face, and he said, "Do you think he can get any cuter than this?" I don't know...only time will tell.

After Isaac's latest love affairs with musical instruments, I decided to get him one of his own. Sometimes it can be hard to find a basic toy without fifteen thousand bells, whistles, lights, and annoying beeping sounds. But it wasn't that hard to find a xylophone/piano with 8 simple keys. Isaac's been enjoying it a lot, and I think he's glad to finally have a toy that makes noise! I enjoy it too, because it fosters my dreams of having musical children.

But you know, it's the weirdest things that capture his attention. He likes his $15 piano, sure, but show him this little bottle of wonders and his eyes light up. What could hold a stir-crazy toddler rapt with awe and amazement, you ask? A bottle of Martin Guitar Polish. He can play with it for minutes on end...and that's an accomplishment. I think he likes it because it has a clear plastic lid that he can pop on and off pretty easily. And right now, "on" and "off" are among the chiefest of delights.

"On?!? Offffff!"

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Ellen said...

Is there trouble in paradise? The napping genius is attempting to drop his morning nap? Aunt Ellen is very concerned about this. Tell Isaac if he doesn't get his act together and nap like a good boy, she's going to come and get him and tickle him to death. Sorry, Terri. Keep trying. It's too early, yet, isn't it?