Wednesday, January 30, 2008

making progress

It is wretchedly cold seems like some kind of cruel joke after the balmy weekend we had. It was 40 degrees on Monday, and I never wanted to have to go inside! We took a long walk and enjoyed the weather. Tuesday, however, was a different story, and this morning it was a chill -12, with a wind chill factor in the -30s. Back to hibernation for us, I suppose. But this has got to be the worst of it, because February and March are usually warmer. Here's hoping!
We're working on getting back into some respectable semblance of order here. When my mother-in-law braved the elements to stay with us for a week, she unfortunately had to live with us in a pretty dishevelled house. Between the general chaos of having a new baby and sleep deprivation, things are definitely piling up on the desks and dressers around here. We're slowly working on that. Today I tackled my spit-up couch, and scrubbed it stem to stern. I feel better already.
In other news, Isaac had his 2-year old appt, and he looks very healthy. He's in the 85% for height and 65% for weight, which I'm happy with. He was totally freaked out about stripping down in a strange room and then getting laid down on a cold scale, but he did well overall. I also weighed Claire, and she's already 10lbs, 4 oz. It's a relief to know that, with all the spitting up, enough is staying in to help her grow.
But enough about numbers and milk. I know you all just look at this for pictures of my sweet little girl. Here she is...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

my two year old...

I can't believe baby turned two yesterday. Now, with a newborn in my arms, he seems ancient, like a grown man to me. He's huge in comparison to little Claire. I know a lot is said about the terrible two's, but I think we're going to have a great time.

True, my son is an adrenaline junkie already--he is either going full throttle or asleep, but I love him that way. He still takes time for (brief) cuddles, hugs, and kisses. He's taking everything that he can get out of his days, and he's an inquisitive explorer. I love watching him learn. He loves to pull up a chair and watch me cook (this evening I found him shaking salt into my frying pan before I got started :), he loves to build "great towers" and wrestling with the "Daddy-monster". Listening to him laugh is one of the greatest sounds in my world.

His vocabulary is exploding, and he's starting to piece together three-word sentences of his own, not just practicing sentences that he hears us use. Of course, I'm glad that he does: sometimes he "rehearses" what we tell him while he's in his crib. Sometimes during nap time I'll hear, "No pushing Toby," followed by a dozen permutations thereof using most of his friends' names. He's learning how to obey now, and after a lot of discipline, he's getting it! He repeats "Obey Mama" to help him obey, and I'm teaching him to say, "okay, Mama" when he's responding. It's so cute, and it really does help him do the right thing.

Our weekend was too busy for me to get a party together in my sleep deprived state, so that will be next weekend. Wish me luck creating a tractor cake from thin air! :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

the Dance

Well, Claudia is gone, and we're settling in again with just the four of us (more on Mom's visit later, but thanks so much, Mom!). It's been cold cold cold here. You've never experienced cabin fever unless you live in a 700 sq ft apartment with an active 2 year old boy when it is -10 outside! :)

While Mom was here, Vance and I got to go to the Dance--an evening out for the couples in our church. It was very well done, and fun to dress up and have a romantic dinner and dance. I for one was glad to be an adult for an evening, although fitting into a dress was less than thrilling. Mom was brave enough to tackle both kids for the night, so off we went. They had door prizes for everyone, and Vance and I won two half-hour massages. Woohoo!

We also played the newlywed game, answering random questions and trying to match them with our spouse's response. Vance and I won at our table, were high scorers in the whole crowd, and got to the finalist round with three other couples. At the end it was only us and Rick & Delaine, our pastor and his wife. Talk about pressure! We kept tying, so we ultimately drew cards to see who would win. We did--with a 4 of hearts :) We'll be setting up counseling appointments for all of you who can't keep useless information about your spouse in your head...

I didn't take too many pictures, being busy talking and dancing and winning silly games, but here are a few. The bottom is of our small group (those who came to the Dance, at least).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the kitten

These pictures are actually from a week or so ago...she's a pound bigger now, with a little more chunkiness around her face. My sister bought that outfit for her, which is very fitting since she has acquired the nickname, "Kitten". She's just such a gentle and cuddly little person, and her cries for attention, food, or changes are generally pretty gentle.

We're going through the adjustment period now, everyone getting used to this new life with two kids. It's going pretty well, but I won't lie: it has its tough moments. Taking care of Claire is pretty much the easiest thing in the world to me right now. The challenge is walking Isaac through all this. He hasn't been jealous, possessive, or bored with his sister--he's totally in love with her like we are. He wants to be around her and kiss her all the time. But his disobedience/temper tantrums/meltdowns have increased noticeably. That's been tough for me. I keep reminding myself that it's a phase, that consistent discipline and instruction will have their effect in time, and that he's really doing quite well considering the seismic changes in his life right now. But it can be tough for me to be patient with him. Vance has been such a huge help through all this for me, and I'm so grateful for him.

Speaking of my honey, we get to go on our first post-baby date tonight! Hooray for us! :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

cute & crazy kids

funny girl

Zack trying to share with Claire

He loooves to hold, kiss, and hug his sister :)

Isaac also loves to point out all her facial features. I think he's going for her mouth...

He just learned how to suck juice out of a straw. And he's lovin it!

You wonder what Zack does while I nurse? Wonder no more... :) Ok, well I actually do let him play with the recycling, and I was bringing groceries in this time, not nursing. But you get the picture. He can make an amazing mess in amazingly little time. I reccommend visiting my house around nap time, it's much cleaner!