Friday, January 25, 2008

the Dance

Well, Claudia is gone, and we're settling in again with just the four of us (more on Mom's visit later, but thanks so much, Mom!). It's been cold cold cold here. You've never experienced cabin fever unless you live in a 700 sq ft apartment with an active 2 year old boy when it is -10 outside! :)

While Mom was here, Vance and I got to go to the Dance--an evening out for the couples in our church. It was very well done, and fun to dress up and have a romantic dinner and dance. I for one was glad to be an adult for an evening, although fitting into a dress was less than thrilling. Mom was brave enough to tackle both kids for the night, so off we went. They had door prizes for everyone, and Vance and I won two half-hour massages. Woohoo!

We also played the newlywed game, answering random questions and trying to match them with our spouse's response. Vance and I won at our table, were high scorers in the whole crowd, and got to the finalist round with three other couples. At the end it was only us and Rick & Delaine, our pastor and his wife. Talk about pressure! We kept tying, so we ultimately drew cards to see who would win. We did--with a 4 of hearts :) We'll be setting up counseling appointments for all of you who can't keep useless information about your spouse in your head...

I didn't take too many pictures, being busy talking and dancing and winning silly games, but here are a few. The bottom is of our small group (those who came to the Dance, at least).

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Jenn said...

So glad you guys had fun. You look beautiful. We are big newlywed game fans, how fun!!