Friday, February 29, 2008

2 months

For all the fans who are just dying to know how Claire is stacking up next to the average baby (I know you're out there!), I'm back from the doctor's office with her stats. Even Vance underestimated what a chunker she is. Weighing in at 12 lbs, 13 oz, Claire is in the 91% for weight. Can you imagine!? Isaac has never ever been in those percentiles, so it was a bit of a shock to me. I guess she'd better enjoy it....babyhood is the only time those fat rolls are considered healthy :)

She's long, too, at 23" and in the 70%, but that was more to be expected. The doctor said she's happy, healthy, and beautiful. Even glancing at her paperwork made me grateful today: seeing "Well Child Checkup" on the table makes me praise God that I have such a healthy family.

Another thing to rejoice in...freezing temperatures! Yay for 32! No jackets today (well, the little ones did, but I was at least free), and Isaac was playing in the puddles in the street. You'd think it was 60 degrees to look at us. But we're determined to enjoy what we have.

Well, I have finances to do this afternoon, and finish up with dinner and bread-baking. We're going to the Little Sweeties dance at Zack's school. Never having been to a preschool dance before, I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but it will probably be wilder and crazier than most proms :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

pitter patter

Thought I'd show a few pictures of my little ones' tootsies. I still haven't decided how I feel about Superman wearing my shoes....although allegorically speaking, I think that could be great as a permanent solution to my life :). I've been sick this past week, which is part of the reason I've posted so little. I've also been busy. Between unexpected company staying with us all weekend, a conference on single womanhood on Friday and Saturday, a small group game night, church, and getting a cavity filled for my neighbor's dental board exam, it's been a packed weekend. But we made it, and now I'm catching up on odds and ends and soaking up the warm, sunny weather.

Yes, it has happened! It can get above freezing in Minnesota! Hallelujah! It's 32 today, so in went the big coats and out came the jackets! I know most of you think of 32 as curl-up-in-your-house weather, but here its a reason to celebrate and hang out outside :) I think we're going to go for a walk this afternoon and enjoy it. Another sign of good weather: clean cars. Vance cleaned the car yesterday, and when I went out to use it today, I was truly, honestly surprised by how blue the car was. I kept thinking, "wow, it's so pretty!" Pathetic, I know, but a true sign of the crusty wintryness we've been buried under for the last few weeks. Looks like the worst is over...

Friday, February 15, 2008

worth a try...

This morning, my friends Becca and Bethany came over for prayer. We're trying to make this a weekly thing. I'm excited about the opportunity to intercede for them and others in my life, and see what God will do afterwards. Mom had a prayer group that met together when I was in high school and college. Apart from the growth in their friendships, Mom also talked about how they had seen many answers to the prayers they had faithfully offered over the months and years. So I'm excited.

I also think we're crazy. Becca has a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old, Bethany has a 7 month old, and I of course have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. By the time they got their babies, car seats, purses, coats, and addenda in our little living room, it was half full. By the time Eva and Zack had emptied the contents of the toy basket on the floor, it looked like my house had exploded. There were babies everywhere.

We talked, ate breakfast, discussed some prayer requests, and (much later) actually got to the business of praying. I looked around and thought, "we must be nuts" and "Vance would never be able to handle this." Men just aren't as good at multitasking, and this is multitasking on steroids. But after all, that's what motherhood is, learning to love God and cling to him in the midst of the chaos that is loving and training your family while being a friend and a support to people around you. I hope I get better at multitasking like this, and I hope one day we will look back at our prayer requests that we prayed in the midst of a flurry of diapers, spit-up, lego creations, and books, and see that God was answering faithfully.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

chunky monkey

My little Claire is growing like a weed! She has her 2 month appointment in a couple of weeks here, and I'm curious to see where she'll be. I know she's bigger than Isaac was at this stage. It's amazing to realize that I'm the one who's making her grow. In an odd way, I feel kind of proud of myself :)

She gave us her first smile on Tuesday! Vance was babbling to her, and she cracked a baby grin! Very appropriate, since Isaac smiled his first smile for me, that Claire would smile first for her Daddy. I sang "Claire is my sweet girl" to her yesterday evening (during fussy time!) and she made all kinds of pleased faces. She loves that song....and then she smiled for me too! Sorry, I haven't caught it on camera yet, but hopefully I will soon.

proof that she isn't always happy...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

party on

We had Isaac's birthday party yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. A little hairy getting things ready, since Claire decided not to nap at a convenient time, but even getting ready was fun. Vance and I enjoyed putting his tractor cake together (Vance did most of it)...maybe that will become a family tradition. The party was really pretty simple--just a few snacks and a bunch of balloons at the community play room. Isaac's best friends were there: Eva, Maddie, Caleb, Kirstie, and Beth. I didn't get pictures of Isaac with Kirstie or Beth, though. I'll have to get some taken sometime. Anyway, it was a full day, and I'm excited to see what this next year will bring my growing boy.

the mastermind himself

Beth, Isaac, Maddie, and Maureen, walking across the street to the playplace. They all held hands, although it's a little hard to tell in the picture. Isaac likes Maddie, and tried to plant a few kisses on her when she arrived. Too bad Eva has already staked her claim on Isaac (she calls him her "wife" :).

Zack and his new friend Maddie
Yes, that is my son, poised to push his friend if Caleb so much as makes a move toward his beloved raisins...

Singing "Happy Birthday": Eva looks more jazzed about the event than Isaac does :)

don't these two look like they just got caught red-handed trying to get the cake?

the new favorite toy