Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Habit

I've caught Evie sucking her fingers like this several times in the last few days. How cutely uncomfortable does that look?! If these end up being her fingers of choice, she will have flipped Isaac's version (He sucked his 3rd and 4th fingers too, but the other way around). Claire was my classic thumbsucker. We'll see.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I ordered some spillproof paint cups so the kids could use the paint Nana gave them. Papa Dan and Noni gave them the easel last year, so it was a group effort getting them painting. They are having a blast with it.

In the above photo you will notice that Claire's hair is *ahem* quite short. It all started when I found a lock of hair on the bathroom floor one morning. Claire had cut herself some bangs the day before, and I hadn't really noticed. They didn't look half bad--I found myself thinking her hair was waving a bit more than normal on one side. I was grateful, all things considering...cutting your own hair seems to be some sort of girl rite of passage, and at least she had the sense not to cut at the roots.

So really it's my fault, not hers. It looked a little jagged, so I thought I'd fix that. Then I thought I'd just trim it up a little. Since I'm more of a "get in there and have at it" kind of person than a "let's measure and be careful and do this right" kind of person, I just whipped out those scissors and fearlessly started shearing. I started in the back so it would be even, and forgot to check the length in front. Eeek! I was so mad at myself when I saw her bob was about an inch shorter than it should be! What do I do? Just let it grow out or take her to a (real) stylist and get it layered up? It would be even shorter then, but maybe she wouldn't look like she stepped out of the 40s with a too-short bob. I'm so irritated at myself...
Claire doesn't even know. But Claire, when you're a teenager, please be understanding. And merciful.

And hey, look, they really do love their paints! :)
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mama, Where Do Words Come From?

I took these pictures almost exactly 2 years ago at the Como Conservatory, when I was dying for a bit of color and life. Fast forward to today, where I'm hoping it doesn't get too warm too fast, and I'm wondering when I'm going to have to cave and turn on the AC!
Look how little they were :)
Although I have two children dedicated to the idea of being farmers when they grow up, Isaac and Claire are starting to dabble in etymology. Who knows...I may have some budding linguists (although their precision is not as notable as their enthusiasm at this point).

1) On the way home from church yesterday, Claire asks, "Mama, what does 'patter' mean?" I replied by making the sound on my lap. "That's what patter means, honey." I thought it was a strange question, but I've had stranger. Then Isaac pipes in. "Mama, what does 'sin' mean?" I said, "Isaac, you know what sin means! What is it?" He said, "It's disobeying God." There was a little silence, and then I heard him mumur, "'Patter-sin'.... 'Patterson'! " I laughed and tried to correct him, but I should have just left him thinking that our friends the Pattersons were extreme reprobates. Who knows? He still might be thinking that :)

2) The kids got little catapults in their Sonic kids' meals (by the way, why do people even like Sonic? I was not impressed). Isaac is now calling it his 'favorite toy'. When Vance mentioned that it was called a 'catapult', Isaac said, "Yeah, because it's so heavy that cattle have to pull it!"

Whatever it takes for it to make sense in his little world, I guess!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning at the Park

Have I mentioned how wonderful Florida is in February? I think Feb went from one of my least favorite months to one of the best. We went with Nana and Papa to the park up the street, and Isaac and Claire spent a good chunk of time flying as high as they could. They're starting to learn the concept of pumping, but this time they let the adults do all the work.

Nana got some giggles out of Eve.
After the park, we went to one of the kids' fave restaurants: "Chicken Fir Lay". The other favorite would be any restaurant serving pasta :).

We sent the family home with strawberries, citrus, and some mutant lettuce Vance was growing at the Center (seriously, that lettuce was so well fertilized that the heads were about 20" tall!). Now that they're gone, it's back to the to-do list for me...painting doors and the patio table, repainting the dining room, finding some (cheap?free?) art for Isaac's room, making an upholstered headboard, and doing some research on kindergarten for next year. I must have the spring fever urge to get stuff done, and I better roll with it for as long as it lasts...
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choose Your Favorite

Sunday was a sick day...Vance was down for the count, and wasn't going to church. I was supposed to be "serving the babies" as Claire says, in the nursery. But around 5am, I woke up with a horrid pinch in my back/side, and then really bad cramping. I could barely sit still long enough to nurse, and it got worse afterward. Vance prayed for me, but I just could not get comfortable. After a shower failed to help, and the only manageable position was squatting, I decided to go look up appendicitis. Vance asked what I was doing, and said, "I'll go look that up for you." As he was leaving the bedroom, he put his hands on my shoulders, and I rested my head on his. Immediately all my pain was gone. I didn't believe it at first, and after he left the room I started moving all around, checking to see if there was any pain. None. It was really amazing--God was so gracious. I've been struggling with various doubts and fears lately, and it felt like a great comfort from the Lord to be reminded of his direct intervention and care. And I got to go serve the babies after all :).

Before I left for church, I took these of Eve. I think one of them is going on the wall, but the jury is still out on which is the best. I think the middle one. You?

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Craft Time

For their birthdays, Nana and Papa gave the kids a box of craft stuff. They have been busy ever since, and I've ben pretty impressed with their creations. Thank you, Nana and Papa!

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Monday, February 07, 2011

In the Sink

If you happen to be an undeniably sweet four month old, and you hardly ever fuss except when you're left alone, you may find yourself in some strange places. Eve sometimes has a hard time letting me leave the room to get my makeup on, and when I tried the sink option today, I knew I had a winner. She loved it!
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