Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morning at the Park

Have I mentioned how wonderful Florida is in February? I think Feb went from one of my least favorite months to one of the best. We went with Nana and Papa to the park up the street, and Isaac and Claire spent a good chunk of time flying as high as they could. They're starting to learn the concept of pumping, but this time they let the adults do all the work.

Nana got some giggles out of Eve.
After the park, we went to one of the kids' fave restaurants: "Chicken Fir Lay". The other favorite would be any restaurant serving pasta :).

We sent the family home with strawberries, citrus, and some mutant lettuce Vance was growing at the Center (seriously, that lettuce was so well fertilized that the heads were about 20" tall!). Now that they're gone, it's back to the to-do list for me...painting doors and the patio table, repainting the dining room, finding some (cheap?free?) art for Isaac's room, making an upholstered headboard, and doing some research on kindergarten for next year. I must have the spring fever urge to get stuff done, and I better roll with it for as long as it lasts...
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