Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I ordered some spillproof paint cups so the kids could use the paint Nana gave them. Papa Dan and Noni gave them the easel last year, so it was a group effort getting them painting. They are having a blast with it.

In the above photo you will notice that Claire's hair is *ahem* quite short. It all started when I found a lock of hair on the bathroom floor one morning. Claire had cut herself some bangs the day before, and I hadn't really noticed. They didn't look half bad--I found myself thinking her hair was waving a bit more than normal on one side. I was grateful, all things considering...cutting your own hair seems to be some sort of girl rite of passage, and at least she had the sense not to cut at the roots.

So really it's my fault, not hers. It looked a little jagged, so I thought I'd fix that. Then I thought I'd just trim it up a little. Since I'm more of a "get in there and have at it" kind of person than a "let's measure and be careful and do this right" kind of person, I just whipped out those scissors and fearlessly started shearing. I started in the back so it would be even, and forgot to check the length in front. Eeek! I was so mad at myself when I saw her bob was about an inch shorter than it should be! What do I do? Just let it grow out or take her to a (real) stylist and get it layered up? It would be even shorter then, but maybe she wouldn't look like she stepped out of the 40s with a too-short bob. I'm so irritated at myself...
Claire doesn't even know. But Claire, when you're a teenager, please be understanding. And merciful.

And hey, look, they really do love their paints! :)
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Heidi Brachle said...

I actually think her hair looks cute! It's still more feminine than my hair was after I "trimmed" it myself at that age.

Nana said...

Isn't it wonderful how quickly hair grows?! It does look cute, though.