Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choose Your Favorite

Sunday was a sick day...Vance was down for the count, and wasn't going to church. I was supposed to be "serving the babies" as Claire says, in the nursery. But around 5am, I woke up with a horrid pinch in my back/side, and then really bad cramping. I could barely sit still long enough to nurse, and it got worse afterward. Vance prayed for me, but I just could not get comfortable. After a shower failed to help, and the only manageable position was squatting, I decided to go look up appendicitis. Vance asked what I was doing, and said, "I'll go look that up for you." As he was leaving the bedroom, he put his hands on my shoulders, and I rested my head on his. Immediately all my pain was gone. I didn't believe it at first, and after he left the room I started moving all around, checking to see if there was any pain. None. It was really amazing--God was so gracious. I've been struggling with various doubts and fears lately, and it felt like a great comfort from the Lord to be reminded of his direct intervention and care. And I got to go serve the babies after all :).

Before I left for church, I took these of Eve. I think one of them is going on the wall, but the jury is still out on which is the best. I think the middle one. You?

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The Hutton Family said...

I think I might like the first one more. Her face seems to be more of the focal point in that one. BUT, you CANNOT BEAT those beautiful, unbelieveable eyes in the middle one!

Heidi Brachle said...

I am with you and like the middle one. Her eyes just draw you into the photo. It would be beautiful in black and white too.

rob said...

The middle one gets our vote!

Love, Katie

Claudia said...

Nana likes the middle photo, too!