Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evie at Four Months

Look who's four months old today! She marked the occasion by discovering her voice yesterday. She has been talking up a storm since then...and she is loud! I think I may have another extrovert on my hands :) I was saying the other day how wild it would be if Evie was our easygoing, laid-back child. But I don't think we make those babies around here! I don't think we'll really know until this girl is walking.

She also rolled over two weeks ago, and once again this past week, but I don't think it counts, since she was on my bed. I think it's easier there. She has her weigh in on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure she's going to clock in healthy. Granny is here right now, and she can't get over Evie Lynn's sweetness. Which puts us all in the same boat, I guess!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac has been head-over-heels excited for his birthday since early December. Claire's birthday only heightened the frenzy. The night before his birthday he came out of his room at 11pm saying, "Is it morning yet?" When I said no, he said, "Is it ALMOST morning yet?" When I again said no, he said, "Do you have all my presents now?" One track mind, let me tell you.

Vance had to pull some strings to be here for breakfast this morning, but it was worth it, because Isaac was dead set on having his Daddy here for the beginning of his day. I'd say they both look a bit sleepy :)
Part of the birthday frenzy has been endless agonizing over his birthday cake. At first it was going to be a rocketship, then a giraffe, and finally, "a vanilla cake with white icing and gumdrops all over it." Suits was much easier than a rocketship! I tried my hand at a true buttercream frosting, and let me say, it is delicious. I'm not much of a fan of sickly-sweet powdered sugar frostings, and this one allowed me to use my beloved palm sugar. Delish.
Granny and Merle came for Isaac's big dinner: salmon croquettes, homemeade mac n cheese, creamed spinach, and corn. What kind of kid asks for salmon and spinach for their birthday?! Not that I'm complaining. Just look at his face. He is reveling in every moment.
My little man is five now, and it's amazing how much he's grown up this year! He's learning to read, write, and cipher, and he's getting over the hump of perserverance when things aren't automatically perfect. He's really memorizing lots of Scripture these days. He is able to really help Vance around the yard now, and he is such a great big brother to his sisters (most of the time). He is still my snuggler, and I hope that never fades. Best of all, his thoughts about the Lord and his prayers are becoming so thoughtful and substantive. In so many ways, the oldest child defines the season of life for the family. He'll be taking us into the world of school and "big kids" this year. Even though I will always miss the little boy I've had, I'm even more excited about the growing boy I get to be with every day. It's an exciting world out there, and he can't wait to take it on.

Happy 5th birthday, my son! We love you!
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We went to "The Pirate Parade" last weekend. For those of you who aren't from Tampa, this is our version of Mardi Gras, except the kid-friendly stuff happens one weekend, and the "adults-only" events occur on another. That works well for us.

This year was really fun, although cold. Yes, yes, I know you are sniggering at us. But it's all about the clothing, people! I don't tend to think FL can get much past "chilly", so I didn't dress Claire in anythimg more than a long sleeved shirt and a jean jacket. That wasn't enough for the 1.5 mile walk to the car and back, plus parade and the fun dinner party. She was a champ, though, and never complained through her blue, chattering lips. It was around 45 when we left, which is COLD for Floridians.
Shiver me timbers, it's the pirates, come to take over Tampa!
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Finger Lickin Good

This is what happens when "Can I help you make a chocolate mousse pie?" really means, "Can I lick the bowl?" which really means, "Can I spread chocolate all over my face, hair, and shirt?"

She loves chocolate. Why yes, we do share genes...why do you ask? :)
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look Alikes?

This is an old one...Mom at (I'm guessing) around 3, sandwiched between Ellen and Leslie. Grandma, you must have been tired in those years :). I found this on my aunt's facebook page recently--see, Facebook really is good for something!--and stole it. It makes me smile.

Am I totally reaching, or does anyone else see a little of Claire in Mom's face? Regardless, they're both cute!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overheard Today...

Isaac, talking to Evie:

"This year, I'm going to have my twoth birthday, and Claire is going to have her oneth birthday!"

(Wrong on so many levels, buddy! And I don't know where this is coming from, since he knows his age and Claire's. Maybe those durn ordinal numbers are messing him up)

* * *
Claire, after going outside to play with the playdough she had left out overnight:
"Mama! (Dramatic pause to hit me with her horrified look) The play-playdough is DEAD!!!!"

(although she has left it out before, it usually doesn't dry out in our humid air)

Isaac had been worried over Vance leaving for the day...
Vance: "Guys, if you're worried, you don't have to freak out and start crying. You can just pray for me." (leaves)
Isaac: "God, I pray that you would take Daddy safely to work, and bring him home for lunchtime, please, so I can see him, then he can go back to work."
Claire: "God, I pray that you blessings to Daddy, and take him to the hospital, and help him to praise you, inJeeznameAmen."

(Apparently, Isaac needs a refresher course on "not my will but yours be done", and Claire needs to learn that the hospital is not the destination of choice for most people).

Just a few quotables from a day that's far from over. I wish I was better at getting them all down!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Baby and Me

I realized that I have very few pictures with me and Evie. Isaac snapped this one of us. Perhaps next time I'll try when sleep deprivation isn't hitting me so hard. Or when I have some makeup on. Or when Evie doesn't look like she's about to sneeze. But it's a start.

Today I got 2 (!) happy comments from people at the grocery store. I don't know what it is about going to the grocery store, but I must have some invisible sign on saying, "Please make comments about me, my children, and my parenting." I cannot tell you how many times I've heard some variation on the theme of, "Wow, your hands are full!" or, "I don't know how you do it!" I suppose they are trying to be nice, but the tone of voice says something like, "Lady, you are crazy, and just looking at you makes me tired." Ultimately, I don't really care what random strangers in the store think, but comments like that don't really help me feel encouraged and valued. Let's just say that.

Lately, however, we have been attracting more encouraging (if still unoriginal) comments. Such as, "You have the cutest little children," or, "Your baby is so sweet!" or, "Cherish every second of it...they grow up so fast." One day, an older woman at the grocery store (see what I mean? It's always there!) even said, "I really admire you."

Dealing with the little ups and downs of our day somehow felt a little easier after that. Certainly better than having, "you have your hands full!" ringing in my ears.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday in the Backyard

Today I caught a couple shots of the kids. Look at this one of I know what he'll look like at 15. Isn't that crazy when a person's older self (or sometimes younger self) flashes across their face? It always catches me by surprise.
Today an elderly man walked by us in the store and said, "She is such a pretty little girl." I totally agree...just imagine how cute she would be if her hair stayed combed! :)
See what I mean about those little legs? Delicious.
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Sew Not Crafty

Before I show off my latest sewing projects, a disclaimer: I am really not any good at sewing. My mom could wield her glue gun and sewing machine with confidence. I would consider her to be relatively crafty. Me on the other hand? Well, let's just say she ended up finishing a lot of projects that "I" supposedly started in her efforts to teach me.

Now I have her vintage Pfaff machine. I will probably never sew an Easter dress for my girls like my Granny always did, and I probably won't be making robes and Cabbage Patch dolls like Mom, but I've gotten brave enough to at least pull the beast out and try my hand at a few very basic projects. You know, things that require you to sew a few straight-ish lines. Projects that don't have to fit anyone. :)

I had heard a lot about these "babylegs" leg warmers, and discovered that they are stupidly easy to make. You just need a pair of knee high socks and thread. I think I'll make a few more pairs, because I can't resist squishing those chubby little thighs!
For Christmas, I made the kids beanbags. For extra credit, I even topstiched the bags and made little drawstring sacks to put them in. The best part, however, was the cornhole board that Dad made to go with them. It's super cute.
And, the piece de resistance.....Roman shades! I made these about 5 months ago, because our miniblinds were ancient and ugly, and I needed some more fabric to soften up the front rooms. The biggest obstacle was the sheer bulk of all that fabric, but the actual sewing was not hard. I even lined them! It's just a rectangle, so it met my criteria for an easy project. The above is in the living room--below is the dining room (which I'm about to repaint: January must be House Project Month). Now I just need to sew the rest of the fabric into throw pillows for the couch, and then I'll be able to rest on my laurels for a bit :).
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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Last year, Vance promised me "as many strawberries as you want." I said, "Are you sure? I can go through a LOT of strawberries." He promised. And he has come through. Much of the winter, it's all I can do to freeze, jam, give away, eat, and otherwise use our bounty. It's a blessing.

It's also a source of gluttony...for the kids, at least. I had made some appetizers for having a few friends come over for New Year's Eve, including a bowl of strawberries and clementines. I knew the kids had been in the kitchen a while, and this is what I found.

Good thing there were more in the fridge! Good thing they're good for you! And thank goodness Vance isn't say, a celery breeder :).
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