Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac has been head-over-heels excited for his birthday since early December. Claire's birthday only heightened the frenzy. The night before his birthday he came out of his room at 11pm saying, "Is it morning yet?" When I said no, he said, "Is it ALMOST morning yet?" When I again said no, he said, "Do you have all my presents now?" One track mind, let me tell you.

Vance had to pull some strings to be here for breakfast this morning, but it was worth it, because Isaac was dead set on having his Daddy here for the beginning of his day. I'd say they both look a bit sleepy :)
Part of the birthday frenzy has been endless agonizing over his birthday cake. At first it was going to be a rocketship, then a giraffe, and finally, "a vanilla cake with white icing and gumdrops all over it." Suits was much easier than a rocketship! I tried my hand at a true buttercream frosting, and let me say, it is delicious. I'm not much of a fan of sickly-sweet powdered sugar frostings, and this one allowed me to use my beloved palm sugar. Delish.
Granny and Merle came for Isaac's big dinner: salmon croquettes, homemeade mac n cheese, creamed spinach, and corn. What kind of kid asks for salmon and spinach for their birthday?! Not that I'm complaining. Just look at his face. He is reveling in every moment.
My little man is five now, and it's amazing how much he's grown up this year! He's learning to read, write, and cipher, and he's getting over the hump of perserverance when things aren't automatically perfect. He's really memorizing lots of Scripture these days. He is able to really help Vance around the yard now, and he is such a great big brother to his sisters (most of the time). He is still my snuggler, and I hope that never fades. Best of all, his thoughts about the Lord and his prayers are becoming so thoughtful and substantive. In so many ways, the oldest child defines the season of life for the family. He'll be taking us into the world of school and "big kids" this year. Even though I will always miss the little boy I've had, I'm even more excited about the growing boy I get to be with every day. It's an exciting world out there, and he can't wait to take it on.

Happy 5th birthday, my son! We love you!
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