Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sew Not Crafty

Before I show off my latest sewing projects, a disclaimer: I am really not any good at sewing. My mom could wield her glue gun and sewing machine with confidence. I would consider her to be relatively crafty. Me on the other hand? Well, let's just say she ended up finishing a lot of projects that "I" supposedly started in her efforts to teach me.

Now I have her vintage Pfaff machine. I will probably never sew an Easter dress for my girls like my Granny always did, and I probably won't be making robes and Cabbage Patch dolls like Mom, but I've gotten brave enough to at least pull the beast out and try my hand at a few very basic projects. You know, things that require you to sew a few straight-ish lines. Projects that don't have to fit anyone. :)

I had heard a lot about these "babylegs" leg warmers, and discovered that they are stupidly easy to make. You just need a pair of knee high socks and thread. I think I'll make a few more pairs, because I can't resist squishing those chubby little thighs!
For Christmas, I made the kids beanbags. For extra credit, I even topstiched the bags and made little drawstring sacks to put them in. The best part, however, was the cornhole board that Dad made to go with them. It's super cute.
And, the piece de resistance.....Roman shades! I made these about 5 months ago, because our miniblinds were ancient and ugly, and I needed some more fabric to soften up the front rooms. The biggest obstacle was the sheer bulk of all that fabric, but the actual sewing was not hard. I even lined them! It's just a rectangle, so it met my criteria for an easy project. The above is in the living room--below is the dining room (which I'm about to repaint: January must be House Project Month). Now I just need to sew the rest of the fabric into throw pillows for the couch, and then I'll be able to rest on my laurels for a bit :).
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HB said...

Wow! So impressed! I also only sew in straight lines, and only sew projects that can't be worn! I can tell you have a lot more talent than me, though......great work!!

Terri said...

Hannah, you are totally bluffing...I've seen the quilts you've sewn :)

Elizabeth said...

looks great :). I know just what you mean about sewing. Clothes are not my cup of tea either. So..where did you get your pattern for the shades? I've always admired them from afar but assumed they were complicated to make.

Terri said...

Elizabeth, I think I searched for "sew roman shades" at my library and chose the book that looked like it had the most accessible instructions. I opted for the shades with rings rather than rods, because I like the look better. It was definitely more complicated than the bean bags, but totally worth it!