Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Evie is Four!

On Saturday, Evie had her long-awaited fourth birthday. Up until now, I have escaped with having little family birthday parties for Evie. That has always been enough for her, but she is more aware this year, and so she requested (and got) a Rainbow Unicorn party.
 Unlike many of my friends, I am not a champion party thrower. I'm not super creative with decorations, never prepared enough, and I always feel like I'm running around too much and not spending enough time with my guests. But I don't think Evie noticed. She was happy with her unicorn treasure hunt and Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game. She floated around all day, graciously deigning to enjoy her friends' company. And I did make a yummy rainbow cake, which makes up for a lot.
 How can I describe my Evie Lynn? She is spunky and precocious, cuddly and bossy and smart. She is my first of all my children to have a permanent imaginary friend with a growing storyline (Her name is NeedleSew, in case you're interested). She is constantly celebrated and doted on, and I am not as strict with her as I was with Isaac at this age--when my oldest was 4, I was pregnant with a toddler, and I needed him to be a big boy. Evie is my baby, and I don't require as much because I have older children and I just forget. Despite the attention and constant "help", she is fiercely independent. She dresses herself all the way now (and puts her underwear on backwards 80% of the time). She loves to choose her own clothes, so I usually let her, which means pattern on clashing pattern with tights and flip flops. She already knows her letters and sounds, and is starting to churn out some very recognizable drawings. She loves blue, doughnuts, unicorns, preschool, ballet, and talking incessantly with very adult expressions. I love her so. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

A Little Light Reading

Last week, Isaac passed a big milestone--he read through the Bible for the first time!

That's a big deal in our house. My real goal for him is to develop a genuine devotional time every morning. We aren't there yet...he will read when we ask him to, but he generally doesn't do it on his own unless he's on a finish-this-book jag. It is a challenge to cultivate a Bible reading time that isn't just something you check off your list. For adults too, I admit. Does anyone have any ideas for encouraging private prayer and meditation in the word with kids?

Way to go, buddy! May it be the first of many readings!