Monday, February 21, 2011

Mama, Where Do Words Come From?

I took these pictures almost exactly 2 years ago at the Como Conservatory, when I was dying for a bit of color and life. Fast forward to today, where I'm hoping it doesn't get too warm too fast, and I'm wondering when I'm going to have to cave and turn on the AC!
Look how little they were :)
Although I have two children dedicated to the idea of being farmers when they grow up, Isaac and Claire are starting to dabble in etymology. Who knows...I may have some budding linguists (although their precision is not as notable as their enthusiasm at this point).

1) On the way home from church yesterday, Claire asks, "Mama, what does 'patter' mean?" I replied by making the sound on my lap. "That's what patter means, honey." I thought it was a strange question, but I've had stranger. Then Isaac pipes in. "Mama, what does 'sin' mean?" I said, "Isaac, you know what sin means! What is it?" He said, "It's disobeying God." There was a little silence, and then I heard him mumur, "'Patter-sin'.... 'Patterson'! " I laughed and tried to correct him, but I should have just left him thinking that our friends the Pattersons were extreme reprobates. Who knows? He still might be thinking that :)

2) The kids got little catapults in their Sonic kids' meals (by the way, why do people even like Sonic? I was not impressed). Isaac is now calling it his 'favorite toy'. When Vance mentioned that it was called a 'catapult', Isaac said, "Yeah, because it's so heavy that cattle have to pull it!"

Whatever it takes for it to make sense in his little world, I guess!
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