Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving in, moving on...

Well, we're here! The road that led to Florida had a few more twists and turns than anticipated, but we've made it :).

I tell you what, moving isn't for the faint of heart. I am currently repenting of all the times I have heard other people talk about the difficult transitions of moving and brushed them off, or thought they were just being whiny. After driving over night from NC to FL, cleaning all afternoon, moving all evening, staying up half the night with an unsettled little person, and crawling out of bed to stare at piles of boxes, I have a lot more compassion on the other people who have done this.

It is easy for me to think of all the headaches that moving out of state involves--especially all the paperwork--but we really do have a LOT to be grateful for. All our stuff got here. Even though we're pretty much complete strangers here, about 10 people from our new church came to help us move everything in (most of them I had never met, visualize, "Hi, I'm Terri, nice to meet can move that heavy stuff over there, thanks!"). To top it off, these wonderful people are also bringing us meals every night until Saturday! That's been a huge help. Other nice things: we're really enjoying having more space, we got a washer and dryer quickly and cheaply, and we seem to be navigating around just fine. Isaac has adjusted well, and the house is mostly unpacked after only 2 days.

It's just that nothing feels normal or settled yet, and there seems to be too much to do. It's definitely pushing both Vance and I to cling to God's promises, and to repent of many quick-tempered moments. As things begin to settle down, I'm feeling more excitement for the adventure, more curiosity about our surroundings, and more initiative to get to know people around here. So don't worry, we're not slogging through the mire of despair or anything--we're just trying to reach a semblance of order and sanity. We do miss you all, though!

I'll post pictures soon, I promise. And I guess we need a new name for the blog...any suggestions?


Ellen said...

Yeah, and David and I were talking the other night about all that we've learned from SIX moves as a married couple. And the fact that this was your first move as a married couple, so you didn't have a seasoned moving groove going yet. That led to extra praying for ya this week. =) Unpacking quickly and getting the pain over with is definitely the way to go, but it's hard. Maybe =)

Bethany said...

We miss you guys alot! Noticed especially at church on Sunday! Were praying for you as it was your first weekend away from us! Love you all! Hazel, again, asked where "Isaac and Claire go?" yesterday in the car. She must be aware you're somewhere else! :)

ruth said...

Terri-- we really miss you guys and have been praying for your transition and settling in.
A title suggestion is "The Whitaker Wanderings" I admit is I am a sucker for alliteration.

Love you dear friends-- ruth

Becca said...

Well, I totally lack creativity in the blog naming realm. How about "The Florida Whitakers"??? I'm glad to hear that you're digging out. I can only imagine the piles, and I would want to lay on the couch and imagine this wasn't my life. Charge ahead! You're doing well! I'll keep praying for you guys. We miss you!

andrew said...

how about "heat wave whitakers'