Thursday, August 20, 2009

House Tour August 2009

For your viewing pleasure, I finally pulled out the camera and took pictures of our new place. We're feeling pretty settled now, and I'm realizing that our little house is in a very good location. We've met a lot of our neighbors, and they seem pretty nice.

Bear in mind that we're probably buying a house in 6 months or so, which is why I haven't put a lot of effort into the decor. We are definitely in use-what-you-have mode. That said, I can't stand bare walls, so pictures were up very early in the unpacking process :). Trying to find the balance between making ourselves at home and not making too much work for ourselves in just a few months. Above is the view from the front door.
Note the box to the left of the bookcase. That one is labeled "Bunch O' Junk", and I've been avoiding the second half of its contents. Tonight is the night, though, I think...
The kitchen, which even has a little pantry! I am very glad to have a big oven, although I'm realizing that I need to take advantage of its size and bake in bulk--it seems silly to heat up that whole oven for just one loaf of bread. This kitchen makes me realize how much space I had in my old one, however...there's only a little more cupboard space here than at the old place. But I am enjoying all the counter space!
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