Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Feast to famine

When Vance's program offered to fund a wrap-up session in Prague, we found ourselves in one of the nicest hotels we'd ever stayed in. A suede couch, terry-cloth robes, slippers, a bathtub, a real queen-sized bed (not the usual twin beds pushed together), a safe (like we needed it!), an amazing breakfast, and even a complimentary bottle of wine. We were living high on the hog, for two nights, at least.

Then reality hit. Not being able to pay for the extra 2 nights we were staying in Prague, we decided to look up the hostel scene. A full hostel booked us for another one down the road, and thus we ended up in the crummiest hostel I'd ever stayed in. It looked like something held over from the communist era. Our questionably sanitized room was conveniently located next to a bunch of perenially partying or sloshed Frenchman, a toilet with no toilet paper, a bathroom with broken lights, and stale corn flakes for breakfast. We were suitably humbled from our previously exalted state, reminded of our grad-student family roots. And boy, were we ready to get back to our apartment in Hannover!

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