Monday, February 05, 2007

date night

I know you all have probably been wondering if Vance and I are still around, after all of these pictures of Zack. We are, and we're doing well. Here's a shot of us at the Winter Carnival last week. Although it was less spectacular than we were hoping for, there were some neat ice sculptures......and it was the "coolest carnival on earth"...judging from my toes, at least, which I couldn't feel after about 45 minutes. Here we are at the Ice Maze :)

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Jenn said...


Hey there, its Jenn :) Thanks for your sweet note. I have your email address tucked away.
I have checked your blog MANY times to keep up with you, but just recently (a few days ago) became a "Blogger" :) so now I can post comments on yours.
Love you! :)