Saturday, April 07, 2007

playtime at the Whitakers

He's 100% boy, totally in love with anything round that can be thrown.

As soon as it gets even close to warm, we are outside enjoying every bit of it. We took some time to play on the tennis courts behind our house. (less mud, and therefore less laundry:)

Here's Isaac reading one of his favorite books, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" He's a big Eric Carle fan...especially when his books are upside down.


Ellen B. said...

Lovin' this pic. That is an identical expression to one that you can see frequently of Vance in his baby photos. But I don't know who the baby with the ball is. That must be a different kid; he looks like a big boy. I'm so thrilled that you're posting more now! Hurray for DSL!!!

Terri said...

I know...isn't it wild? I dont think the ball pic looks much like Isaac either. it's a different expression. But the book one is definitely "little Vance" People call Isaac "Vance" all the time around here, and they dont even have Vance's baby pictures to look at!