Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the latest trip to nc (sorry, read from the bottom up)

Isaac with the new love of his life, Albert. They loved one another, except when they were fighting over the same ball (Albert winning) or Isaac pulling Albert's tail or ears (Isaac winning). They were inseperable.

You've heard of crying over spilt milk, but ice cream?!?! Isaac decided to be grumpy and was refusing even this nectar of the gods...until he got a taste of it, of course. His new spoon-handling skills came in handy.

We let Isaac enjoy the garden, complete with the red-clay mud of North Carolina. Good times!

Then it was on to James and Angie's wedding, which was lovely.

Meanwhile, Vance and I took an anniversary trip up in the Blue Ridge Mountains...it was lovely. We had TWO nights away this time! We took a 7-mile hike to view some overlooks, and took some stops every now and then to read and talk. It was very relaxing and quite wonderful. You never realize quite how great it is to get away until you're there.

Nana bought him some Superman pajamas. I remember AJ having some of those when we were growing up. Again, we probably enjoyed them more than he did, but I think he could tell he was gaining at least some superpower from his new outfit :)

Isaac's first tractor ride, with Papa Frank. I think he enjoyed it, but probably not as much as we did.

I realized that we hadn't taken any pics of Isaac on an airplane. He's been on over a dozen flights since he was 3 months old...and I didn't fly until I was 17! Here he is, whiling away the time with an apple. Like father, like son.

We just got back from a great trip back home. We visited Vance's parents, went on an anniversary trip, left Isaac at Grandparent Camp, and went to James' wedding. Quite a weekend! Here are some shots of our events.

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Jenn said...

What a fun trip, you sure have a little cutie!!!