Saturday, April 19, 2008

sweet home carolina (or, our visit in pictures)

Aunt Julie & Aunt Allie lovin on Claire. Only fitting, since Julie & AJ are having a little girl in early September!
The siblings
Granny brought a sombrero to decorate the table. We had lots of big family dinners with all the kids, grandkids, Granny & Merle, Dad, and his fiancee, Deonni.
at the job site. I love this picture :)

too scared to get on the big noisy machine
trying to "help" by pulling dirt out of the bucket
finally brave enough to get on!
Zack and Ava
"hey there, little lady"

The highlight of Zack's trip...the "Big Tractor"

Albert checking out the newest family member

the men (all wearing Dad's shirts & hats) go fishing
the grandparent shot. turned out pretty good, I thought!

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