Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Boots (obsession)

Who said that women were the only ones with shoe love? Isaac is currently in a near obsessive-compulsive relationship with his camo rain boots. The first thing he demanded when getting up from his nap this afternoon was "Put boots on!"

His fashion sense, though, has a little way to go. He spent this afternoon stomping around in the aforementioned boots, with an old pearl necklace draped over his ear (yes, it must be OVER his ear, prefereably both ears), and his "digger" shirt on. He found the phone before I put it away, and started saying, "Hudoh? Hudoh?" over and over. Then he took the phone over to Claire so she could have a turn listening. Hey, at least he's sharing!
Things have been better in Isaac's world today, and I dare to hope that we may be climbing out of the funk that he spent the last week wallowing in. I realized that I was exacerbating the problem by pulling away from Isaac in my anger and frustration. I turned into Lady Justice: demanding obedience without fail and without assistance. Justice is not a bad thing, but mercy is far better. Today I realized that I needed to come alongside Isaac and clear the pathway toward obedience as much as I could. It's been one little way for me to imitate Christ in my mothering, and a way for me to realize how much I need God to mercifully come alongside me when I am nearly incapacitated by my sin. Praise God that he is gracious--and may I be so, too.

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Jenn said...

Terri, I always enjoy "checking in" on your blog. :) So wonderful to see you enjoying your home and family. I also wanted you to know I finished reading your book this morning. Thank you friend for a wonderful book that brings honor where honor is due, to a life being lived for the glory of God and most of all to our glorious Savior, thank you... Love you ....