Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bedhead: Part Two

In case you were tempted to think those first pictures were flukes, I offer more documentation.

She often sports a curly mohawk look...she's a fashion-forward girl.

The reason I am leaning out of the frame is because I look just like Claire does in this shot. We are not exactly the morning people of the family (that seems to be on the Y chromosome around here).

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Anonymous said...

Claire is a gorgeous baby, and looks so much like her mama!

kunnak1 said...

I showed these to some co-workers at the urgent care and let's just say they brought quite a laugh. There is NOTHING like a child, no matter how cute or funny looking, that brings laughter. They really are a gift from the Lord, especially when they are not yours!

rob said...

I got to tell you these pics were just what I needed. I was having a hard day and when I saw the pics I laughed out loud. What a hoot! Thank you so much!

Love, Katie

Ashley said...


Claire is adorable...even with bedhead! Her hair is much curlier than the last time I saw her. Did you or Vance have curls? She's looking so much like you!

Love, Ashley