Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping and Blueberries

On the fourth of July weekend, Vance decided to take Isaac camping. It was a pretty low-risk, entry-level camping trip, where they hiked about 50 ft from the back door, settting up camp in the wilds of the green area out back. Vance guessed that it took Isaac a good two hours or so to settle down from all the excitement, but they had a GREAT time. I finally opened the back door around 9:30 (no early rising campers here, I guess) to get them up for breakfast. When Isaac walked in the door his first words were, "we went on such a GREAT camping trip!" I think they'll do it again...and maybe they'll even make s'mores next time!
This is a bit more recent (this morning)...I couldn't resist snapping a shot of my messy girl. I'd say she liked my blueberry syrup! :)

We are doing well--I'm still recovering from my weird ear infection/head cold/chronic headaches, but as long as I'm jacked up on ibuprofen, I'm able to pack all right. We're looking forward to having Vance back home tomorrow after his conference in St. Louis, and we're gearing up for our big move out. It still doesn't quite feel real...
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Alicia said...

Hey Terri, I'd love to come and help you clean/move. GIve me a call 651-210-7684

love, Alciia

Becca said...

I love the camping trip! We should do that in the "wild" of our backyard too.