Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Well, that's what it feels like, at least. We've had strawberries coming at us since the end of November. Now that we're nearing the end of the season (and I have finally purchased a freezer for bulk storage), I'm trying to put up a few more flats of berries for smoothies. And then I realized--embarrassingly enough--that I hadn't yet taken the kids out strawberry picking! They've been out in the fields several times, and done some impromptu picking, but I hadn't given them the job of picking. Until today :)
Picking strawberries revealed my kids' ages and personalities. Claire rolled around in the sand, eating any berry of any color she could get her hands on, putting a few indiscriminate berries in the bucket occasionally. Isaac refused to eat any ("Mama, you can't eat them until they're washed!"), and earnestly asked me if every.single.berry he picked was ripe and ready. He's my rule-keeper :) At the end, though, desire got the better of him, and the berries ended up in his mouth more than the bucket.
Claire didn't feel the need to resist :)
It's not a good picture, but it's the only pregnancy photo I've got right now, so please excuse the squinty eyes. Baby and me at 15 weeks--still at the "girl, you eat too many cookies" stage. Early baby bumps, it turns out, are for short people, no matter how many pregnancies you've had :). Maybe next month I'll have something more definitive to show for all the work I'm doing ...
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Mike and Karly said...

Cute pics! We miss you guys!!! It looks like things are going well for you in FL, and your kids continue to be as cute as ever! I'm excited to see #3, even if it's only via your blog. Is Isaac's eye okay? Love, Karly

Terri said...

Karly, we miss you guys too! So bummed we won't get to see you when you are stateside :(. Isaac has strabismus, so we're trying to strengthen the weaker eye with the patching.

Mike and Karly said...

Isaac is probably loving the eye patch... I can just see him pretending to be a pirate. :) I actually had the same thing and had to wear a patch for a while too. I stuck stickers and jewels of all sorts over that thing... not so pirate-y. :)

Bummer... we were hoping to be able to catch you at SGF if you were visiting! Such is the overseas life, I suppose. Thankfully it is so easy to keep in touch though; technology is so great now and doesn't make it seem like our friends and family are far! Do you guys have skype? We'd love to talk to you! Love, K