Friday, April 23, 2010

Convos, Take Two:

A few more conversations from the last few days:

Isaac, to Vance on a walk, just after Vance had beaten him in a race (Isaac was biking):
"Daddy, you're full of slowness. I'm full of fastness!"

(He's confident. Not a very good grip on reality, but the confidence he has in spades :)

Isaac, to me, as I spilled a good bit of pudding cake batter on the counter, in a disappointed voice:

"Mama, I'm not very impressed."

(do I get at least an E for effort? I was making dessert for a weekday meal, for crying out loud! That almost never happens! :)

They just keep coming at me...


Luke and Jen said...

Ahhhh, Vance. Still no mercy when competing with children.

Susan said...

Terri- PLEASE write all these things in a book for your kids to laugh at later with their kids!!! I didn't and wish I had!~Susan