Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer on the Porch

Although Isaac still insists (on a nearly daily basis) that when he grows up, he will be "a farmer and a daddy", he still has plenty of room in his heart and schedule for construction. He found this foam block in the trash and went to town. It took days to get all those little foam balls out of the lanai, but it was worth it :).

And speaking of finding time, Isaac has plenty to spare. He often wants to go swimming right when I'm getting dinner on. The resulting conversation usually goes something like this:

Isaac: Mama, can we go swimming now?
Me: Honey, I don't have time right now...I'm making dinner. I'm sorry, honey.
Isaac: But I have time! We can go swimming! I have 5 pounds of time!
Claire, these days, is more occupied by serenading anyone in a 2-mile radius with her latest extemporaneous vocal compositions. My shyer child comes completely out of her shell, even around strangers, if she is holding this miraculous device in her hand. It doesn't hurt to wear the "dancing dress" (the ultra-touristy flamenco dress we got her in Spain--a total hit). She's got lungs, that one. And remarkably good pitch for a 2 year old. She may have a future in the performing arts :)

But her fortissimo arias tone down into hushed lullabies when she is putting her babies to bed. She loves her babies these days, and is constantly seen rocking, singing, walking, and comforting them. She sings them her favorite songs ("Jesus Loves Me" and the "Gospel Song"), pats them and says, "Don't cry, sweet-heart" when something scary is going on, and changes lots of diapers. She's also quite the disciplinarian. It looks like she has another future in store for her as well...

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