Friday, October 15, 2010

A-Tisket A-Tasket

"A baby in a basket" irresistably adorable, it turns out.
And before I hear it from all you "back to sleep" people: don't worry, she sleeps on her back at night. But I do let her nap on her tummy, because A) it looks so comfy, and she likes it, and B) it's better for their physical development. So she gets to nap this way, since I can go check on her and make sure--in true neurotic mother style--that she's still breathing :)
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Ivy Mom said...

I'm in agreement about the belly sleepage. Looks comfy to me too. they sleep so well that way! She's a beauty. I can't wait to hear how the adjustment to family of fivedom goes. I'll be taking notes! said...

She is beautiful Terri! I feel a little shock knowing her only over the internet :( And that she looks so different from Claire! Your heart must be so full! God is so good! Also love the name, my grandma's name is Evelyn.

miss you!