Thursday, October 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eve!

Vance had a work conference in Hawaii at the end of September that left me with a conundrum: to go to a tropical paradise with my man, or to stay with my kids at home and be there for my baby's birthday? If you guessed that I would stay home, you probably overestimate my maternal devotion :).

We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Hawaii (more on that later), but I had to deal with my mommy guilt in some way. I also had to find a way to deal with a birthday in the midst of Vance's fatigue and all our travels. The solution? Two birthdays! Round One was at the Whitaker's house.

As we sang Happy Birthday, Eve looked a little shell-shocked. You could tell she wasn't sure she wanted quite so much attention. She was mesmerized by the birthday candle, but didn't quite know what to do with the cake. She gingerly touched the icing, but eventually tried the "all in" approach in an effort to keep her fingers cleaner. It only lasted a few minutes, though, and then she wanted to be done. She really surprised me! I thought she was going to really go for it.

I can't believe my littlest one is a year old. She's gained 3 new teeth in the last week, and has started to stand uncertainly on her own, but isn't quite ready for that first step. She is a talkative one, and I think we have another comedienne in the family...she loves to do silly things to make us laugh! I haven't been able to stop kissing her sweet cheeks since we've been back, and I'm glad she still lets me cuddle her so much. Slow down, baby girl!

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