Friday, June 01, 2012

America's Favorite Pastime

 Sometime during March Madness, Isaac caught the sports bug.  I think he's infected for life.  Now that basketball season is over, he has temporarily transferred his affections to baseball.  We are big Texas Rangers fans around here (I went to high school with Josh Hamilton and his wife, and we love his testimony for Christ as well).  Isaac corners anyone who will listen to him and regales them with sports stats.

Most evenings will find Vance and Isaac playing a game of baseball in the backyard.  Lately the girls have been getting into it also (with a little help from Daddy).
 His form is getting pretty good.
 Even Evie is enjoying a little time at bat.
 Vance demonstrating his switch-hitting ability.

 Safe at third base, barely!
Evie running to first.  Vance has a tough job...he plays against the kids, but has to hit with the girls, run Evie around the bases, field the ball, and tag the kids out.  No wonder the little people usually win!

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Joy said...

Just look a that beautiful grass!