Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NC Vacation

 We went up to NC two weeks ago to visit with the family and get some vacation in before school and strawberry season hit us with their one-two punch.  We went to my family's first, and got a lot of Austin time.
 Granny and Merle came down as well, so it was a great time with the extended family.  My girls in particular loved doting on the new little guy.  I think Evie was glad to have someone around who was younger than her.  We got to spend a lot of great time with Allie too, and a bit with AJ and Julie, although Ian was sick for part of our visit, which kept them away unfortunately.
 Then we went to Swansboro for "The Cabin Experience".  The Whitakers have an old, turn-of-the-century cabin on the White Oak River, and I had never stayed there.  This year was my chance, so we met up with Vance's parents and sister's family for some beach time.  It seemed a bit ironic to leave the nicest beaches in the US for Emerald Isle, but I realized something as I stood on the shore of the Atlantic:  This is my ocean.  The waves, the sound of the surf, the sand....everything about the Atlantic speaks to me of childhood summers and the awe and wonder of a massive body of water.  The Gulf is beautiful, and I love it, and my kids can play in it without having me in arms reach.  It's wonderful.  But there is something special about being on the east coast for me.
 We also did some fishing, when the weather allowed.  Isaac was very proud of his black drum he caught on the first afternooon.
 There was a lot of laughter, lots of kids, and a lot of relaxing.  Also a lot of eating.  My kids look forward to eating Nana's snack mix every time we visit, and they are never disappointed.  I always look forward to real tomatoes, and Claudia didn't let me down either :).
 My nephew Ben turned one last week, and we celebrated with chocolate.  He approved.
 We also got to visit some good friends in Raleigh.  Joy and I have been next door neighbors, not-friends, friends, basketball teammates, in youth group together, campus fellowship leaders together, and bridesmaids in each others' weddings.  I'm so glad that we're still close friends despite the distance, and it makes me very happy to see our kids growing up together.  There's something wonderful about knowing someone through all the awkward and wonderful stages of life that just makes things real and precious.
Sorry for the out of order (and fuzzy) picture....Papa Frank took us fishing on the boat, and Claire helped us catch this black drum.  We fried up the kids' fishing booty and it was delicious.

All in all, we had a wonderful visit to NC.  It has been a really restful, relaxing, fun summer, and I'm so grateful.  Here comes the fall, with all its busy and fun and active events, ready or not!

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Joy said...

We loved getting to see you all! Thanks again for making time to come over!