Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Isaac's First Beach Trip

My handsome boys.
Isaac loved to be tossed back and forth in the water. Ever since we started playing this way at the lakes around here, he loves to say "doo, doo, dee, wheee!!" (translation: "two, two, three, whee!") and "jump" excitedly, trying to recreate the adrenaline rush. This was all he wanted to do in the water.

He is probably chasing after a dog in this picture (he often was), barking at it all the way... :)

For a boy who loves sand, the beach is a little slice of heaven...

Isaac had a little trouble learning how to keep his balance in the surf...it was actually quite funny to watch him stagger around like a drunken sailor when the waves were coming in and the sand was coming out from under his feet. By the end of the week he was getting better at it, but I had a lot of laughs watching him.

We were vacationing with the Whitakers, but my dad came up for the afternoon to play with Isaac in the ocean. They had a lot of fun together! My family loves the beach, so it was fun to see my dad and my son there (something you don't get much of here in the midwest).

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