Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

On Monday we made our pilgrimage to the MN State Fair...it didn't take long, since it's just a quarter mile from our house. It was a fun year to go, because we hadn't been since Isaac was 7 months old. This time was a completely different experience. I think Vance and I both had the most fun just watching Isaac take in the sights and sounds.
Isaac was in heaven from the first minute we stepped in the fairgrounds. It was State Trooper day, so there were police cars, motorcycles, and a helicopter (or, in Isaac's terms, a helltalker :). Sheer joy! About a half a block after that, we came upon this little merry-go-round. I had forgotten what those dinky little rides were for until Isaac started salivating over those horses. Oh, yeah! Those rides are for 2 year olds! And we have one! He was nervous about getting on until Caleb said he was going to go. Then he followed, and Vance said his whole body shuddered with excitement once the merry-go-round started up. He's still talking about it.

Shortly thereafter, we saw the John Deere exhibit. Isaac thought he had died and gone to heaven. He ran from tractor to tractor, hopping up and jiggling the steering wheel. We had to drag him away at the end.

Can you see the adrenaline coursing through his veins?

He even knew where to put his sippy cup :)

We also went to the Miracle of Birth barn, where we saw some lambs that had been born just minutes beforehand. The mama was licking off the newest baby, and Isaac said, "The mama's eating the baby lamb!" I think he was more excited than concerned.
In the 4-H building, we saw the handmade quilts and bake-offs. I contemplated entering something next year, but Claire was excited just at the sight of anything resembling food.

This one's for Mom...the only thing she ever wanted to eat at the Fair was the roasted corn. I used to think she was crazy, when she was surrounded by funnel cakes and cinnamon buns. But now that's what I'm hungry for, too. And Vance got his all-you-can-drink milk for $1. I think we were probably one of the only couples that had a negative caloric intake from our hours of walking around the Fair. I feel guilty about that, really. I should have gone for the chocolate-dipped-bacon-on-a-stick, I guess. Oh well--next year!

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SMS said...

I must say, Stephen and I are huge roasted corn fans as well :) Nothing says state fair like roasted corn on the cob and fresh lemonade. Can't wait for the fair to hit our hood :)