Sunday, August 17, 2008

Superior National Forest

We're back from our big trip to the boundary waters! I hadn't been backpacking up north since I was pregnant with Isaac, so it had been too long, and I was itching to go. Vance is always itching to go where there might be big fish, so no one had to twist his arm :) It was a little nerve-wracking to think of leaving the kids for four days when one of them is still nursing and we would be out of communication the whole time. But thanks to wonderful friends who watched our kids, Medela, and a God who I can trust my kids with, we all did great.
Getting in...what a great feeling! We took a more relaxed trip this time, portaging only 65 rods and going through a second lake to the campsite we stayed at. Instead of looping, we stayed at one site and took daytrips. Muuch more relaxing than breaking camp every morning...

Our trip started the same way the last one did 3 years ago...with car trouble. This time it was a flat tire, which was better than last time. It still involved Vance and Ryan changing a tire right next to some very busy highway traffic. Scary.

Ryan took a bunch of the best of these pictures...

Ryan, the unanimously-voted Walleye King. He could fry fish better than anyone else.

Our daytrip to South Wigwam Lake. In this case, "wigwam" was code for "thick, marshy, switchbacking creek that takes 45 minutes of pushing, poling, and otherwise hauling your large canoe through a swamp." I was amazed how everyone kept up a good attitude through it all.

the site of our trials

Vance helping Ryan & Michelle through

Anna relaxes while Jason scouts a better way back through the slough

We all brought blue bandannas!

Vance in his element

proof that Vance is rubbing off on me. That's a 20-inch walleye, for those of you who dont know, and yes, I caught it all by myself.

We saw the northern lights again, and it was even better this time around. Awe-inspiring.


AJ said...

Yeah that spare tire is a normal tire.

Chris and Jennifer said...

Man, I'm really jealous, that looks like so much fun!!