Tuesday, November 11, 2008

back from NC

Well, we've now been back from NC a few days, and I'm starting to hope that the kids have adjusted to the time change/daylight savings' end/another time change extravaganza. We had a wonderful time meeting my new niece, helping Ellen & David move, and generally hanging out with people we love. It wasn't without it's difficulties (note to self: never fly solo with two kids when it is over an hour past their bedtime, one of them wants you to stand up and bounce the whole time, and one of them wants you to sit down next to them the whole time :), but we were so glad to get the chance to see everyone! We have really been blessed to get to see our family as often as we have, considering the distance. Thanks, Dad!

with my new niece, Melia. She looks sooo much like AJ, but yet sooo much like Julie! She's a keeper :)

doesn't she look terrified? I think Vance must have pinched her or something...

While the packing extravaganza was in full swing at Ellen & David's, we also celebrated Papa Frank's birthday! I can only assume from the party hats we wore at his celebration that he likes pastel butterflies and flowers :)

my nephew, Seth! He's walking now! With all the craziness going on, and the fact that I was disassembling his room and throwing it into a box, he never quite warmed up to me this trip. Hopefully Christmas will be better for aunt/nephew bonding time.

Claire was surprised to hear how old Papa turned! He sure looks young, doesn't he, Claire?

The kids played with the abundant remaining quarter of Seth's toys. Isaac was in heaven...perhaps because we only have one small (but overflowing!) basket of toys. Poor kid. I hope he recovers from his deprivation without needing too much therapy :)

Claire inaugurating the kitchen sink in the new house with the first bath. She made such a mess with the delicious spaghetti Nana made that she was required to head straight to the showers.

The new home. Doesn't it look inviting?! Notice that only 6 or so hours after the move, there is only one box in the living room. There were also curtains on the windows, courtesy of Vance.

The cousins enjoying some reading time with Uncle David.

Okay, now we're back at the Stolldorf's. Holding a cute little 2 month old made me realize how big and squirmy my 10 month old is!

Isaac and Papa got to spend a lot of quality time together. Now that Isaac's older, he remembers everyone between visits much better, and doesn't deal with any shyness or reserve. As you can see.

Claire enjoying some down time

Granny and Merle came down to visit with Melia and our kids as well. I'm sure she was glad to see us, though, too.

Holding all the cousins. They are an armful, but a cute armful! Look at all those smiles!

We got to visit with Joy, Ava, and Alice while we were home. (We also got to see Anne and Zachary, and Tarah and the kids, but unfortunately I left the camera behind :/) These two were so cute! Isaac would say, "Do you see Curious George?" and Ava would echo, "Curious George?" They kept this up for quite awhile, until they went on a what-non-toy-can-we-turn-into-a-toy spree :)

Joy with the little ones. Claire and Alice are only 3 weeks apart! It's so fun to have kids together :)

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