Monday, November 24, 2008

of good hygiene and bad theology, and other musings

Just a couple of conversations I've had with Isaac lately....

(scene opens to Mama reading Isaac a bedtime story from his Bible, about King David)

Mama (reading): "Now King David had a heart like God's heart, full of...."

Isaac: "Germs."

Mama: "um, no, not full of germs. Full of love."

(scene opens to Mama trying to get to the gym, loading the kids in the car and buckling Isaac in)

Isaac: "Your hair, Mama! Your hair is really pretty!"

Mama: "thanks, honey! it's just in a ponytail..."

(scene opens to Isaac and Claire eating dinner)

Claire: "da Da DA DA"

Isaac: "da da da da?"

Claire: "ah ba ba ba"

Isaac: "ah ba ba ba?"

Claire: "mmmm DA!"

Isaac: "really, Claire? really?"

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