Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I know we've been AWOL for too long now, but it just hasn't seemed like there's been a ton of news around here. We're in the post-holiday long haul of midwinter...plugging away at daily life, teaching piano, going to preschool, and keeping cabin fever at bay. But things are happening around here, so I'll try to give you a little update on all of us:

Claire -
- She's added "Mama" to her vocabulary (finally!), along with "no no". She understands so much, though, and makes it obvious that she's tracking with you. She is also constantly babbling.
- She learned how to crawl up the stairs yesterday, and hasn't stopped since. Prior to yesterday, she was terrified of the stairs and would scream if I tried to teach her (yes, I'm crazy). Yesterday, however, she was at the foot of the stairs when I put Isaac's lollipop on the edge of a stair temporarily. That was all she needed. In seconds, she decided she wanted that whatever-it-was, and climbed up the full flight quick as a wink. Now I just need to teach her to go down...
- She still only has 2 teeth.
- She is finally showing an interest in reading! This is a delight on many fronts. First, I want my kids to love to read like I do. Second, I feel like I'm ignoring her when Isaac asks me to read the 54, 086th book of the day. Maybe we'll have group reading sessions soon.
- She is also becoming quite daring, (see photo below), which has earned her the nickname "Clairedevil" (among others). She was tired of kids' books, and decided to dabble in a little of Piper's Future Grace.

Isaac -
- Since the week before his birthday, Isaac has been busy with the above. The initial week was a bit accident-heavy, but now he is doing great! Well, mostly...if anyone has any tips on getting a 3 year old to poo on the pot, let me know :). But enough potty talk, I'm sure.
- He is my big helper in the kitchen now, and loves to help me measure, pour, stir, and otherwise crowd my already-miniscule kitchen. It's fun!
- He has been very social lately, accosting nearly every stranger he meets and asking them their names. I am learning lots of people's names this way.
- He is almost exclusively calling Claire "honey-bunny" these days (yet another of her nicknames).
- He has become quite the encourager! On any given day, I might be encouraged for going potty, crossing the street nicely, cleaning up my mess, making a meal, etc. His, "Good job, Mama!" is often accompanied by applause and a huge ear-to-ear smile. One of the side-perks of potty training, I suppose.
Vance -
- He has been working hard these days, applying for several jobs, wrapping up his research, and continuing the process of writing his thesis. It's a lot of pressure, especially knowing that he needs to be done in May (and be really done). He's done a great job of making time for the family, though...a lot of times he comes home at regular time, plays with the kids, helps me get them to bed, and then heads back to the office for a few more hours of work. You can pray for him that God would provide the best job that will give us a place to serve effectively (church, community, campus).

Me -
- Well, I cut my hair. If you are a girl, you'd love it, if you are a guy, 50/50 chance, and if you are Vance, you are being nice about it but want your wife's hair back. This is not the best picture, but it's all I've got. It's shorter in the back. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, because it probably is the last time I'll get it this short!
- I've been reading lots of books, creating my own sprouted grain bread recipe, running more, eating fewer carbs, contemplating my next writing project, potty training, tending sick kids, not cleaning my house enough, and cooking meals for friends who've given birth recently (one family has a daughter allergic to nuts, eggs, and dairy, and a mom who's vegetarian. That was exciting!). Mostly, just life.
- Vance and I get to go away for 24 hours this weekend for a marriage retreat! I am thrilled!


Ivy Mom said...

Looks like Claire has good taste in reading already! And I know what you mean about the hair thing. Guys don't always understand short, but Mom's can appreciate it! I'ts a cute do though. You wear it well. Give my best to Vance and good luck with the potty training!

Bethany said...

Hi Terri!
Thanks for the update - I love seeing the pictures and hearing what's going on in your family!

PS: love your hair :)

Becca said...

Well, I already knew most of those things, but I still very much enjoyed reading that. I can hear you talk when I'm reading what you write... that is fun.

Ruth Ellen said...

Hi Terri -
I am taking this opportunity to tell you that Ashley told me about your blog and I have very much enjoyed reading all that you write. It's fun to hear about your life, your cute kids, etc. You have a wonderful way with words! It's nice to know you are doing well - I'll be praying for you and your upcoming move. God is faithful to guide his children!

Anonymous said...

Ruth Ellen, it's always so good to hear you pop in every now and again in our far-from-each-other lives! I hope you are doing well!


SMS said...

I love your hair! I recently cut mine as well.. too much trouble with four tiny hands constantly getting tangled up in it. Hope you guys are doing well... one of these days we will have to swing by Ellen's for a split second when you guys are in town so we can say hello face to face :)

Joy said...

I love the haircut...I am hoping to go short when it gets warm cause it's been a long time.

Alice is very talkative but no words yet. Ava is getting much more conversational which is nice for me.

Daniel has his NRC License Exam March 9-20, so please pray for him. I can't tell you how much I'm ready for that to be over!

Oh, and I'm thinking about planting a veggie/herb garden! Any thoughts?

Love you and miss you!