Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac!

Today my Isaac is three years old. I can no longer in any possible stretch of the imagination think of him as a baby anymore. He's growing by leaps and bounds...and we are loving it!

Over the past year, there have been fewer outward changes than in the previous two. He's a little taller, a little leaner, a little stronger, a little more coordinated, a little faster...but few big outward changes. When I think over the past year of his life, I mostly see the huge changes that have taken place in his behavior. This third year of his life has been somewhat tumultous, emotionally speaking. We've had to fight for obedience--"obeying right away, all the way, the cheerful way"--and although we still have our struggles, I see so many amazing changes in his life! He really has become a more obedient and responsive boy, and I see the benefits in his demeanor. He's more cheerful, more in control of his emotions, more able to see the big picture and be aware of others around him.

He's also increasingly aware of God and the existence of a spiritual world. He doesn't get all the details right, as I've posted before, but it's so fun to hear him thinking thoughts about God. He knows that his Grandma is in heaven, and that she's so happy there...He knows that Jesus died for his sins (although what that really means is still a little way off)...He knows that God is strong, and that we can talk to him at any time and ask for his help...He knows that God is the beginning of everything, and the creator of all. Slowly but surely, he's beginning to develop a conception of the world around him. I have been in awe of his little mind at work this year, and I expect that joyful experience to continue.

He has become my eminently quotable person, and I'm sure I bore everyone with my daily, "Today Isaac said...." tirade. He loves to read, and will wear me out with endless requests for Curious George, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Little Bears, and on and on... He has most of his books memorized, and throughout the day I hear him quoting little snippets from his books. He's also started singing along with the Psalms album that he constantly requests, and he prefers that I not sing so that he can have the floor.

This year he requested an airplane cake, although he himself does not like to actually eat the cake. Vance, as usual, was the architect, and although I was thinking of a more 3D assembly, Vance was in favor of the "clean lines of a two-dimensional airplane. It's very appropriate for the three year old mind." Anyway, he did a great job! (Note: I do not reccommend frosting a chocolate cake with white icing...what a pain :)

Unfortunately we were not able to use the playroom this year..our community room being recarpeted and repainted. So we squished in our little house. Isaac loved having friends over, eating pizza, destroying the house, and blowing out his candles. He even got a Chia pet...a first for any one in the Whitaker family :)

And this is just a small portion of the chaos produced by 6 children, 3 years old and under, within a 700 sq ft house. It was great. They had a blast.

So did Claire!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. I love you, and can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!

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