Friday, January 23, 2009

NC Trip, Part 3

After Claire's big party, we had a couple more days to hang out with my family. Papa and Noni enjoyed having the kids around (although the craziness we bring in the house is quite a change of pace!). I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of Dad and Deonni with our kids.
We enjoyed all the glorious warm weather with nature walks and trips to the park

I showed Isaac how to collect sugar gumballs...I was planning on teaching him how to make a wreath out of them (80s craft night, anyone?!), but we ran out of time.
We spent the last few days of our trip in Oak Ridge with the Whitakers, which meant more trips to the park... of the more glorious sights of the trip: Dad snuggling under the protective warmth of Mr. Wuff....
...and of course, more tractor rides. Claire wasn't scared at all of the big noisy machine, although she likewise failed to exude the same level of ebullient ecstasy exhibited by her brother.

Dad even pulled out all the stops for Isaac...they plowed the garden together. Isaac was beside himself with the thrill of it all.
And Claire got to enjoy Carolina blue skies with Daddy while Isaac was plowing! We have been singing about tractors, plows, gardens, horses, and everything else from Nana & Papa's house since we came back home. It was a great trip!

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