Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Claire's First Birthday

I suppose I ought to share the pictures from Claire's birthday before we get to Isaac's birthday next week :). Sorry for the hiatus: we had the stomach flu, and then I was engrossed in a 1200 page novel that left me little inclination for other activities. Books do that to me.
But I do have pictures from Claire's birthday. We had a great time. It was the first birthday that we've been able to celebrate with the extended family, so it was different than both of Isaac's birthday parties, but a lot of fun. It was a challenge to fit everyone around the table, but we squeezed in.
I wondered how Claire would do with all the attention, especially since she hadn't napped well that day. I shouldn't have worried! As soon as everyone started singing, "Happy Birthday," she knew the spotlight was on her, and she basked in it. Just look at the smile on her face. It says, "I am the star of this show. Let's keep it that way, okay?"

She loved her little ladybug cake, but it's large size gave her the opportunity to only eat the icing. Why go for lesser sweets when there is so much icing left to eat?

The larger ladybug cake that the rest of us got to eat. It was going to be pink and white, but I forgot to bring the red food coloring from my mother-in-law's house, and there was none to be had at the Stolldorf's. No big deal...it was just a little artistic license, right?

The boys getting a little distraction from Ellen and David. It's hard not to be the center of all the attention (and to watch someone littler get all the gifts), but they did pretty well, considering.

She was still revelling in the glory bestowed on her with all the gift-giving. It was amazing to me that she knew how to ham it up for all the adoring crowds. Scary...
And the aftermath of the cake

We didn't do much other than dinner and gifts, although Vance and I did make up a Claire Quiz that everyone had to take. I think she's going to hate us for it when she gets older. But it was fun :). Ellen won, and Allie got second, for those keeping score. Way to go, aunts!
I know everyone says this, but I have a hard time believing that Claire is one. It has gone by unbelievably fast. She took 6 steps on Christmas morning, but since than has proved resistant to manipulation (uh, oh, that gene comes from my side of the family, I think). She has all the mechanics, though, and I think she'll be walking in another month or two. She has taken to climbing on things, and she loves to sit in Isaac's little rocking chair. Today she started saying "Isaac," although it sounds more like "I-dee". I'm impressed, but just a little irritated that she's volunteered his name before mine :)
She is doing beautifully in the health and development departments. At her 12m checkup she clocked in at 21 lbs, 13 oz. and 30 inches long (60% and 70%, respectively). I was glad to see she was having a growth spurt, because I couldn't understand how a Stolldorf/Whitaker child could be short. She seems to be moving past that stage, however. She is the same length Isaac was at a year, and one pound lighter. That surprised me, but looking back, Isaac was a chunkamunk at this stage, too.
We still have more NC pictures, so I'll try to hurry up and get those out before next month :)


Joy Burnett said...

So sorry to here that you had the stomach flu! yuck! I'm glad to hear you are better, and will try to call sometime soon :)

Ivy Mom said...

Great pictures and I love the yellow ladybug cake! It was totally cute. I can only imagine the first year of the second one's life flies by even faster than the first one's. Sounds like a great birthday. Thanks for sharing!

Becca said...

Eva read this with me, and adores the yellow ladybug cake. I see a ladybug cake with four candles in our near future! Looks like a big, happy celebration :).

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