Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Recap

Well, we're back from our trip to sweet home Carolina. It was a wonderful trip, and with 11 days at home, we felt like we really got to soak up some relaxation and good family time. I wouldn't say that the plane trip was my favorite part of our experience (I think I was a little too conservative on the Benadryl on the way there :/ ), but thank God for direct flights and frequent flier miles! We didn't get to see as many friends this trip (my apologies to all my friends in Raleigh that we didn't see), but it was nice to have a more relaxed time with family.

We started our visit in Oak Ridge, which was an instant adrenaline rush for Isaac. Albert the Dog, the Big Tractor, the John Deere Mower, and The Skipper the Horse all in one location? Plus Nana and Papa? He was in heaven. We got to visit with Mamie one evening, and she enjoyed seeing the great-grandkids. Do you see the stranglehold Isaac has on Claire? He frequently does that to her, always accompanied with a loving, "Claire's a family! Claire's a family!" I think he has good intentions....
It was actually a little chilly a few days (as in high of 35 or so :), so Isaac had to borrow a hat. Not that he cared...he got to ride on the tractor!

Claire was initially a little skeptical of Albert, but she warmed up to him pretty quickly.

The two domestic goddesses, both barefoot, one pregnant (Ellen, in case you were wondering!), each bearing samples of our food gifts for the extended family. Chocolate chip cookies and oreo truffles....mmmm.

My sweet nephew, who is growing so big. He's unfortunately a little skeptical of me, but he's slowly warming up, I think. I must not be slipping him enough chocolate when his parents aren't looking :)

Celebrating Christmas Even wtih Vance's extended family...Good food, good southern hospitality, good southern people. Too bad we had to cut out a little early to get the kids to bed in Raleigh and the sticky buns started for the morning.

Reading the Christmas story together after breakfast.

Granny with my adorable niece, Melia. She's growing fast, but still looks so little to me compared to Claire.

Isaac was totally enthralled with his sliceable vegetables.

Claire was enthralled with her Papa.

This scene warmed my heart...Merle is nearly deaf from testing the first jet engines after WWII, so it can be hard for him to get involved in the chaos. But Isaac snuggled right up and got him to read. Merle is so gracious.

Noni and the cutest little firegirl ever.
There's still a lot more...stay tuned for Claire's birthday bash!


Erin said...

my niece got those slice-ables for Christmas too- only they were fruit, and they peeled.... where are people finding these? They're brilliant!

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