Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nana!

(can I just say that I love this picture?)

Vance's parents came for a visit this past week, and took part in a whirlwind of activities with us--Vance's seminar & defense, graduation, a women's tea at church, Mother's Day, a fishing day (of course), and Claudia's birthday. We had such a good time with them, and we were all very sad yesterday when they left. They are always very gracious to put up with our pint-sized apartment and one even tinier bathroom, and they never complain about the chaos.

Claire was acting pretty grumpy and strange when they first got here, but she perked up after we stopped handing her to new babysitters every five minutes (and after some of the teething pain subsided, I think). Once cheerful, she was eager to show off her new explosion of vocabulary words. I think she's learned about 15-20 words in the last week and a half. It has been astounding to me...all of the sudden, I understand her!

Isaac was of course beside himself with excitement and joy at their arrival. He got to show off all his new tricks, and go fishing with the guys one evening. I think he probably talked Mom & Dad's ears off, but they probably enjoyed that.

We were really glad to celebrate Mom's birthday with her...we hadn't been around for that illustrious holiday before. You can see that the kids were pretty excited about her cake--and Isaac even ate some, which was a shocker.

Just one quick story from today. I was at the grocery store with the kids, picking out some feta and minding my own business, when the Socially Awkward Fairy came along and sprinkled some dust on my son's head. He looked at the lady next to us in the aisle and said in such a loud, excited voice, "Mama! That lady has A BIG BELLY!"

Now really, what do you do?!?!?! I desperately wished for a hole to open up at my feet and swallow me whole, but to no awail. Then I thought, "well, she DOES have a big belly--maybe she's heard that before." And then I realized there was nothing I could do. He was way too loud to pretend that it hadn't happened. So I just had him apologize to the lady. He absolutely got the big-bellies-make-some-people-sad-please-don't-mention-it-in-public speech when we got to the safety of the car, but if you have any good ways of dealing with that type of incident (which will probably recur), please enlighten me!
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Ivy Mom said...

Your story cracks me up. Seriously, I can see scenarios like this in my very near future! Thanks for sharing it!

Jessica said...

Suprisingly, we haven't encountered that...yet. But I think you handled it well...what else could you do? :)