Thursday, June 11, 2009

whirlwind of spring

I have a lot of things to catch up on...(especially Dad and Deonni's trip with us to the BWCA, and Yesupadam and Monika's visit!)...but really, it has been such a crazy month and a half that I feel the need to just crash and not do much for a few days.

An indicator of our busyness: we've had our latest Netflix offering in our desk drawer since the end of April. We're both interested in watching a movie, but there has not been a single night since that dvd came in the mail that we have both been free enough to sit down and veg in front of a film. Not one night! Crazy.

Now things have slowed down somewhat, for me at least, but Vance is out of town going through the very rigorous interview process for a faculty position. I haven't talked much about that--mostly because there hasn't been much to say, I suppose--but you can pray that God will provide us the perfect place to be. We thought we would know where our future would take us by the end of April, but it's the middle of June and although we may be closer, we still have no idea where we're going. Vance is currently interview in Florida for the last faculty position open to him. Should they hire someone else, he'll be looking into a postdoc for next year, and that could be pretty much anywhere. I think we're getting used to the lack of news, but at the same time, not knowing where/when/how/with whom is getting a little wearying. We can't really plan for anything, but life goes on.

On the flip side, we have an income! :) Vance is technically a postdoc for his current advisor, and that is a huge blessing, as his salary as a PhD student ended in May. He's even making a bit more now that he's got that fancy degree! And I am grateful for any amount of time that keeps us here with our dear friends. I would like to know what's next, but I don't like to think about leaving...

In other news, Claire spoke her first sentence two days ago. She was looking at one of Vance's books, and she pointed and said, "it's a fish!" Papa Frank, you can be very proud of your granddaughter! Maybe she will be the first Whitaker female fishing pro :)

More pictures and updates to come...

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