Sunday, June 14, 2009

life with my little people

just a couple stories from the last 24 hours with my kids:

I was putting Claire to bed last night, getting a few cuddles in, singing songs, "talking", and praying over her. At one point I was praying, "Lord, give her a tender heart towards you," and immediately she looked up at me and whapped me right across the cheek! I guess that answer to prayer will be a miracle... :)

We had a church picnic today, and although I swear I brought lunch for the kids, they were much more interested in foraging for more exotic food amongst the other picnickers. They went from table to table, blanket to blanket, scoping everyone out for good eats. Isaac would walk around saying, "What are you eating? Can I have some?" I know I probably should have stopped it, but that would have required me to spend the entire picnic breathing down their necks. And I'm much more laissez-faire in my mothering than that. (don't worry, gentle reader, I don't let my children live like complete animals...I do have a few standards :) Anyway, near the end of the picnic, Isaac showed up at Vance's side with a handful of cheetos. Vance looked at him and said, "Who gave those to you, son?" Isaac looked up in his face and brightly replied, "Anyone!" So much as to say: "it's paradise here, Dad! There's food everywhere!"

They had a great time. And so did we.


Bethany said...

I love hearing stories about Isaac and Claire! I think Claire and Alice would be hilarious together...would love to see that!

Becca said...

And now that I know that you're really going to leave us, I appreciate this story even more. I will so miss having another VERY relaxed mother around at those church picnics and other events.

I know Eva will miss Isaac too, she'll be very sad when I tell her that you're going. They make such a good pair and seem to have a lot of fun together (especially on "neutral" ground :).