Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our New House

Well, we got an important phone call last night--the sellers accepted our counteroffer! Praise God--we were both kind of expecting a long game of hardball after their first counteroffer. But it looks like, pending inspection, this place will be ours November 19th!

This house really feels like a gift from the Lord--which of course it is--in that it has so many of the things we wanted in a house (and were not seeing in any of the other houses we looked at), and yet is priced well below our limit. I love that it's an older house with some character, and yet it has a split bedroom plan. I love that our guest bedroom has a full bath, so that those of you who don't want to wander around our house in your PJs looking for the shower don't have to. I love that there's lots of shade and space in the backyard. And I am uber excited about the citrus trees out back!

Come have a look....these pictures are the stock photos, so they're not all that good, but I'll update you once we've given the house a facelift :)

Worst things first--this is the part of the house that needs to be overhauled: the 70s bathrooms with the olive green toilet and tub. But, it does have a linen closet and good bones.

This is the view from the front door, looking back to the lanai. The house is all hardwood flooring, except for tile in the kitchen and baths. There's a little sitting room area just back and to the left, which I'll turn into the music/reading area.

The reason why you'll want to come and visit us. Picture yourself here, on a chaise lounge, with a good book, telling me to get you some sweet tea (and HURRY UP IF YOU WANT A GOOD TIP!), while you decide whether you'd like to go pick an orange or a grapefruit for breakfast. Are you logging into Travelocity right now? Good :)

Cabinet space is a bit lacking in the kitchen, but the cabinets are hardwood, and the countertops are corian, which is nice. I'm going to put an island in the middle and eject the kitchen table back to the dining room (and opt for barstools at the counter instead). I think that should solve my space issues. But look, there's a ceiling fan in the kitchen! It's the little things, right? :)
It's hard to get a good feel for the house with these, but we'll of course update you after we change everything! For now, we're just grateful that the search is over and that God has been so kind to us.


Scott and Lisa said...

gee, terri...that back porch is dreamy! and olive green toilets are kind of vintage, right? we're excited for you! :)

Becca said...

yipee!!! I am so excited for you! That doesn't really look like a FL house to me (except for the patio and pool)... which is just what you want, right? So excited to hear the updates and hopefully come visit!

HB said...

AHHHHH!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!! Very excited for you guys (and missing you very much!)

Ivy Mom said...

Looks great Terri! Can't wait to see the pic of your updates. Nothing like a house with "good bones!" At least you have something to work with! Congrats on home ownership!